Chinese hotpot with various soup base and fresh ingredients. Most importantly, our soup bases are all free of MSG! LongQing truly treasure family values and believes having quality time spent over a good meal would bring closer bonds...

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This Mapo Tofu Bowl is numbs the tongue and brings just enough spice to whet your appetite. I loved the peppercorns and how good the minced meat is. Add warm rice underneath, and we’ve got a winner for all spice lovers!


That sums up Long Qing’s Braised Pork Rice Bowl ($12). It’s definitely saucy, and that adds to the sumptuous comfort of warm rice and tender pork. I wolfed this down rather quickly, so you know this was gooooooooodddddd 😍


Several of the soup bases that diners can choose include the iconic Sichuan spicy mala, earthy Wild Mushroom, refreshing Tomato and the signature Pork Bone Clear Broth. The latter is made from boiling pork bones, chicken feet and angelica root for a minimum of 10 hours with additions of rock sugar and salt for flavouring. Out of the four, my favourite has got to be the Tomato broth, which consists of the pork bone broth as a base and it’s being mixed in with a tomato paste that is created with fresh tomatoes, onions and garlic. Each soup base costs $17 while of a choice of 2 amounts to $24.

With such effort and passion that goes into making each soup base, you can be rest assured that they will not scrimp on the quality of the hotpot ingredients as well. To go alongside the broths, you can expect meat like the Angus Oysterblade ($22) and U.S. Short Rib ($22) from Huber’s Butchery and Iberico Pork Jowl ($12) and Collar ($12) from Iberian Bellota of Campovilla. Besides the cuts, you definitely have to order the Handmade Pork Balls ($12) and Handmade Prawn Paste ($14) which are excellent in their own rights.
LongQing 隆庆
Address: 18, Hongkong Street, Singapore 059661

It’s really clever of LongQing to offer these $12 lunch bowls (price comes with a bottled herbal tea or honey lemon)! I’d advise against taking the Mapo Tofu Don’s name for it; because this was less of a mapo tofu than a mala tofu dish. The bowl relies on tongue-tingling ma la notes to uplift the soft squares of tofu.


Another of the lunch bowls recently introduced here that I like is the “Spicy Tofu Rice Bowl”.
The minced pork and chunky pieces of soft soya bean curd are cooked in the same spice base as what goes into the terrific “Ma La” soup served in their steamboat.
I think they calibrate the spiciness in this dish well as it‘s tasty with a respectable level of heat but not excessive since it’s meant for the lunch crowd. And since that’s made up of mostly office folks in the vicinity, obviously they can’t be returning to work all sweaty and sniffing from too much chilli, right? 😆
This rice bowl set costs $12 (before GST) and includes a bottle of herbal drink. Customers can choose from rosella tea, honey lemon or chrysanthemum tea.


Mapo Tofu Don ($12)
Newly launched rice bowls for lunch @longqingsingapore and this mapo tofu is really rocking it. The tofu and minced pork are wok fried with homemade prawn paste, roasted chillis and chinese wine. Everything was on point, from the juiciness of the minced pork to even the gravy that drenched the rice. I especially loved that all too familiar slightly numbing sensation from the peppercorns.

I don’t have D.I.Y. hotpots on a very regular basis but when I do, LongQing is one of the few on my list of places. Just last week, I read about the launch of new lunch bowls on their Instagram. That prompted a visit immediately.
Designed to cater to the office crowd in the area, the menu offers 4 types of lunch bowl sets priced at $12 or $14 (before GST). Each comes with a free bottle of herbal drink: rosella tea, honey lemon or chrysanthemum tea. Of course, there’s the option to add on side dishes if you are feeling extra hungry / greedy.
Because I went in a group, I got a chance to try all the sets. The two I found tastiest but for very different reasons, were the “Mapo Tofu Rice Bowl” and the “Pickled Mushroom Somen” shown above.
The latter, a chilled dish of very soft noodles, assorted pickled mushrooms, cured cucumber and crunchy white fungus in a vinegary sauce, was bright and refreshing. Ideal as a light lunch in Singapore’s sweltering heat.


A friend casually mentioned about this hotpot place that had MSG-Free soup and obviously I had to try!

Ordered the twin pot containing mushroom soup + mala ($25) & it was heavenly. To be warned that prices are not cheap like other budget hotpot places & very close to Hai Di Lao/Beauty In The Pot even. Luckily Eatigo had a 50% off for the time period we picked and everything came up to about $120 ($60+ for 2 pax after discount)!!!

I really really enjoyed the mushroom soup and I left the restaurant feeling super satisfied instead of feeling thirsty/bloated/heavy/uncomfortable like what other hotpot places would.

Really would come back again but my only gribe was that the selection of beef was limited to 2 types - Angus Oysterblade & US Short Ribs. They were quality cuts after all, so it was a lil pricey ($22).


Another must have ingredient in hot pots as it not only provides the carbs but the way it absorbs the flavour of the broth like a spongbob squarepants, you just got to say Yum!

Loved these marinated beef tendon which were remarkable to go with the MaLa broth hot pot. The marination is not really evidently spicy when you taste it, but don't they look so delectable, almost good enough to eat them as it is!

Otherwise known as the "hundred pages of the beef stomach" 牛百頁”. It has an almost Japanese sounding name, and is actually the 3rd compartment of the stomach which has really a not well understood function. Who cares anyway as this almost crunchy texture gets chomped down, again goes best with the Mala broth.


For those who love the flavours. This is as "strong" as it can get, if you get what I mean.


Sliced tioman fish rolled beautifully into rose blossoms with cherry tomatoes as buds. Not the most impressive, but visually captivating.


Full bodied chive fillings that would certainly keep us coming back for more! A thought crossed our mind that this might be the one we can come back for just for a light lunch!

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