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Tried the lobster roll from @lukeslobster_jp and the taste was pretty underwhelming to be honest, or perhaps i had too much expectations...

Thankfully headed down to the right location at Namba Park (Shinsaibashi store has closed!!!).

It’s now a food truck, which saw us sitting out enjoying crisp warm buttery buns with semi-cold lobster/ crab/ shrimp fillings in the cold. Still as good as ever, and value-for-money! We got the twin set - a full sized lobster roll with half-half crab and shrimp roll (2800¥ including 2 sets of drinks + chips). Unanimously preferred lobster>crab>shrimps, and debated if we should get the wasabi lobster roll😛


These are certainly some of the best lobster rolls I've had -- each roll is made with 5-6 Maine lobster claws, lightly dressed in lemon butter and pressed into a soft roll slathered with butter. The lobster meat is extremely fresh, plump and sweet. Heaven in each bite! Having said that, we got the cheaper lobster roll not made from US imported lobster too, and to be honest, we couldn't really tell the difference!

Taste: 5/5



Toasted with butter which makes the brioche crisp & Buttery. Generous Lobster chunks served cold & compliments the warm brioche well. 🥖
It's 320 Cal, but who really cares right. Calories are basically energy, energy to eat more food. Calories don't count when one is overseas, traveling or basically in love with food. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: Traceable, Sustainable Seafood. Luke's buy directly from fishermen they know & trust. From their claws to tails they guarantee transparency from sea to you. 🦐
Beyond Seafood, Luke's work with small batch & ethically-minded partners in Maine & local neighbourhoods. 🖖🏻
This is why I support, Local , Ethical & Sustainability.

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Luke's lobster, originated from US, is a must eat in Japan. Bun is butter toasted and filled with chunks of lobster and special seasoning that tasted extraordinary beyond words. The regular size is insufficient after eating and I recommend to go for the US size.
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