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12:00pm - 06:30pm

12:00pm - 06:30pm

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12:00pm - 06:30pm

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From the Burpple community

Partner described it as chonky, it really was very thick and almost slightly sticky in texture. The flavours weren't very prominent, mainly notes of dark chocolate but you can hardly taste the salted caramel. If you're basic(and there's nothing wrong w it), you'll probably love it?

Noticed that it's very popular w ladies based on reviews and today I get why. This isn't a normal orh nee cake, it's very floral. The yam paste is good but what's most striking is just how much it tastes like a floral cake rather than orh nee. I still enjoyed it tho, just not tremendously, it's quite different from what you expect.

Adjust expectations, that's my advice if you're getting this. Otherwise it's alright, or maybe I just have high standards for orh nee (stuff)

“I have a fetish for pretty cakes”, I said when discussing with my fellow colleague about which cake to get for our colleague’s birthday. This explains why I was drawn to luna’s orh nee cake after scrolling through the web, I subconsciously found myself spending hours to get the right one at an affordable delivery price ($7 flat fee for Luna). I definitely also checked the pretty cake box because I was elated when I opened the box, that dual-coloured whipping cream masterpiece was a joy to the eyes.
Taste wise, I was expecting a lighter sponge to the thickened yam paste but it was relatively dense; nothing direly wrong though.
Also, the fresh whipped cream and “heavier” yam paste I thought could do with another alternating element within to make this a stellar cake; right now it is a good cake.

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Finally visited LUNA!!

This place has been on my bucket list for 2 years!

First thing first, I thought that it was quite weird that the prices for the cakes/tarts were not displayed on shelves (In the end, we realised the QR code for menu was at the tables). So we were blindly choosing the cakes based on whether we think it will be nice without looking at the prices (where usually when I order food I will factor in the price of the item to decide which to get)! But anw, we were very sure we were gona try the orh nee cake, so there was only one more cake for us to choose (which turned out to be more expensive than the cake, when I thought it would be the other way round haha)

These are the items we got:
Orh Nee Cake ($8): This is totally a MUST GET item if you are visiting this cafe! I was also not disappointed with this cake! Light fluffy vanilla sponge cake is layered with velvety yammy paste, and topped with Chantilly Cream and desiccated coconuts. I also like the addition of crunchy white chocolate pearls! So many different textures in one!

Mango Passion Fruit ($9.50): This was a super interesting tart with many different layer! There is mango sponge cake that is assembled together with mango cremeux, passionfruit curd, pistachio ganache, crunchy white chocolate feuilletine , and glazed with coconut mousse and passionfruit glaze. An explosion of flavours in the mouth! Enjoyed this alot too!

Enjoyed my visit here, and may be back again to try their other tarts/cakes!!

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Oh I have always love Luna's cake. Went to the cafe for the first time. Quite a few cakes sold out during mid day. Luckily I still get to eat my matcha!

These two are what I will say ordinary cake compare to the other which the interior will have multiple layers to surprise you.

Definitely will always crave for their cake.

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At LUNA, having one cake just isn't enough and hence, we decided to get a second - the matcha opera! The dessert is a matcha-centred cake, which intersperses layers of matcha-flavoured chiffon with matcha mousse! The matcha is fairly concentrated and the bitterness took us by surprise; however, we love it as we are fans of matcha!

LUNA also added a generous dose of Chantilly cream on top of the cake and sprinkled matcha powder for more good measure. The Chantilly cream was light and slightly sweet, which provided a nice contrast to the matcha-based ingredients used for all other aspects of this dessert. 😁 Priced at $9++, we think this was a great dessert that was really value-for-money, especially for those of us who love matcha.

While LUNA was empty at 12 noon on a Sunday morning, the patisserie filled up rapidly with the post-lunch crowd not long after. As the eatery is pretty popular, there is a dine-in time limit of 75 minutes so you may wish to take note of that if you are planning to head down to LUNA!

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