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From the Burpple community

Post-dinner dessert just hits differently. A nice spot to unwind over some ice cream stuffed croissants, Madame Ooze had quite a crowd-pleasing ice cream selection. We went with their recommended Butter Croissant ($4.90) and two of their best-selling Earl Grey Lavender, Sicilian Pistachio as well as a scoop of Speculoos Biscoff ($5 for single scoop, +$1 for premium flavours, $14 threesome).

Flaky, airy and crisp, the sizeable pastry was not all that buttery and did not have the usual chew that one would expect. Hence, it might come off a tad dry if you are having the croissant alone. However, the pairing does work out and the laminated dough was surprisingly complementary to the creamy scoops. So for the ice creams, the unanimous favourite was the Earl Grey Lavender which kinda resembled an aromatic milk tea as the tea flavour was more pronounced. The floral notes from the Lavender and the hints of citrus from the bergamot were also pretty light and delicate. Rather fragrant and enjoyable (for people like me who don’t want too strong of a floral hit). Similarly, the Sicilian Pistachio had a great scent and was distinct in flavour (though not nutty enough for most pistachio lovers, in my opinion). The Speculoos Biscoff studded with actual bits of crumbs, on the other hand, had a more muted caramelised flavour but thankfully was not too sweet.

Double scoop with a complimentary topping of coconut shavings. The serving size of the combo was generous and the croissant was flaky and crisp. The Pistachio was rich, earthy and nutty, and probably one of the better versions I had. The other was light and fragrant with a scent of the earl grey tea and distinct hints of the infused lavender.

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I've never heard of this combination before, but it was great! The service was exquisite from the moment I entered the cafe. The ambience was pleasant and quiet, the experience made me feel like royalty.

The toasted croissant tasted a bit savory with the ice cream, and it was hard to eat with a knife and fork, but then I took it in hand and the flavors worked a lot better. Maybe not my favorite dessert, but would certainly recommend for others to try!

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Pistachio 4/5
Earl Grey Lavendar 4/5

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When you’re just thinking of what else you can pair with scoops of ice cream other than waffles, there you go, with croissants from Madame Ooze!

The croissants from Madame Ooze may look unassuming but they were flaky, light, airy and a little buttery. It has the crispy texture like waffles and goes well with the creaminess from the roasted pistachio and refreshing-ness from the sorbet.

It’s like a inbetween feeling of eating ice cream with bread and ice cream with waffles.

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The signature item at Madame Ooze would be the croissants served with ice cream! The croissant was toasted slightly before it was served, giving it a crisp and flaky crust on the outside, while ensuring that the inside remains fluffy. That being said, it is a little challenging to eat the croissant as the exterior tends to crumble when you poke it with the fork. We are glad that the croissant isn't too buttery either as a strong buttery profile may pair rather strangely with the sweet ice cream.

For the ice creams, we had the Earl grey lavender and pistachio flavours which were supposedly crowd favourites. The Earl grey lavender scoop was pretty calming and we loved the gentle notes of the lavender, even as they overpowered the taste of bergamot. We thought that the purple shade on the ice cream was pretty cool as well, because most earl grey lavender scoops are usually coloured grey. 😁 We loved the pistachio scoop as well because it tasted pretty nutty and it wasn't too sweet. The ice cream scoops were really generous and the size of the scoops were huge!

We paid $5 for the croissants and another $6 for each scoop of ice cream! Madame Ooze's signature dessert is definitely great for sharing with friends and given the serving size, it is a comfortable portion for sharing amongst 3 to 4 pax!

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