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Magee’s has been known for their corned beef since 1917 and they have a stand with a carving station in The Origjnal Farmers Market serving up sandwiches, hot dogs, wraps, salads or plates with their deli meats.

We went for The Original, which is Magee’s corned beef with spicy mustard, served on Rye bread. It’s USD12.95, or an additional USD1 for extra lean meat. All dishes are served with a pickle unless otherwise stated.

Compared to other eateries, I’d say that the serving size of Magee’s is much smaller and more expensive. Almost 13 bucks for a sandwich seems expensive after all the huge food portions we’ve been seeing. That said, there’s a lot of corned beef provided in one sandwich. It’s not like canned corned beef at all, Magee’s corned beef is tender, well-seasoned, and just all round amazing. It is quite fatty, which contributes to the melt-in-your-mouth texture. I would opt for the extra lean if I visited Magee’s again. I wasn’t such a fan of the mustard as it bombarded my tastebuds and I couldn’t appreciate the other components of the sandwich as much. The rye bread texture was good, it wasn’t dry or dense, but rather fluffy. I would probably try the Reuben sandwich next time as it also comes with their corned beef, rye bread and a mix of other condiments which hopefully don’t overpower the beef and bread as much as the mustard.

As a note, the pickle was pretty weird. We were expecting a sour pickle, but it turned out to be plain salty and brined. Needless to say, we only took one bite of the pickle and regretted it.

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