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Weirdly, the guy didn't really weigh my chosen ingredients. He just dumped everything into the pot in thr weighing machine, and moved them around as if trying to see how many pieces of mushrooms or tofu I had taken (?). Not complaining though, cos this bowl only set us back by $10.80 (with 2 bowls of rice). Ordered the 大辣 and was pleasantly surprised by the generous amount of seasonings - sweet and salty with a good amount of numbness in the chilli oil.

This was not my first time trying this stall - I did 3-4 years ago, but they have significantly improved that I found myself enjoying this so much! Some may complain of how overwhelmingly salty or sweet this can be, but that's how I like my mala to be.

planned to whack $20 per pax but i guess i was too noob. the set up of the selection phase only allows one person to take the ingredients at any given time. so if there's a joker who's choosing his/her ingredients like choosing a lifetime partner. good luck to u. loved the intestines and pork belly. and if you want maggie, u need to order from the stall holder. opted for medium spicy today but felt weak. maybe i will go for big spicy next time during the weekend. so i can be on standby to run toilet. ok. tmi. 8 per pax. #malaxiangguo #ggwp #heigous #heigousxchinese #burpple #sgfood

After eyeing this store for months, finally got to try it! (the queue is always there)

The Mala wasn't too salty or spicy but it still is satisfying. Especially love the fen tiao. Measured by weight based on meat and veggie also means I get to try more variety of 料. Wait time isn't that long, prolly just 10minutes with a long queue!

($13 for this bowl, for 2)

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with all my must-have ingredients- luncheon meat, maggi mee and lotus roots 😌
comfort food during this busy period at work. One more day to weekend! 🤩

A pretty average bowl, their prices go by weight and are a little more steep. Ingredients were fresh and while the flavours were strong without being overly salty, was hoping for the ingredients to soak up the flavours more thoroughly. Spice level here is more mild!

📍e 品红麻辣香锅
S-11 AMK
711 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8


It's been hard to move on from e品红麻辣香锅 whenever in AMK after the boy had me try it last year 😂 At AMK S-11 Blk 711 is where the boy's been enjoying Mala Xiang Guo for years. Like the quintessential Ma La joint, they charge by weight.
Thoroughly stir-fried ingredients consistently balances with spices and herbs, drawing out piquant flavours. Tossing in heaping spoonfuls of 🥜 just before passing over the bowl I can't not love them for. We don't mind the sinful grease but you could always ask for less. We always go with a medium spicy, sometimes pairing with 🍚 and a drink (from the lemon tea uncle 😅) because it's rather salty savoury. Triple spicy is explosive! 🔥🌶🔥

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