More Reviews at Mammy Pancake, 8-12 Carnarvon Road

More Reviews of good food at Mammy Pancake, 8-12 Carnarvon Road

Mammy Pancake εͺ½ε’ͺι›žθ›‹δ»”
makes gai dahn jai in town using quality eggs from Holland and creative fillings.
We had the chestnut ones which were filled with β€œgao luck”. Crispy and fragrant. #DFDHongKong

Texture's on point, & I always prefer this better than waffles because it's to so easy to detach each bite-sized piece on the go. Would be awesome if the interior contains ice-cream but timing's a big issue right? Hmm.

Traditional Hong Kong ι·„θ›‹δ»” (gai daan jai/ egg waffle) where every pocket of batter is plumped up with the most velvety mashed purple sweet potato ever. It's fragrant, plush, and not excessively sweet, which I love.

This egglette kiosk is recommended by the Hong Kong Michelin guide, so expect a 10-minute wait. It's worth it, though!