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Rainbow bagel anyone?
The most colourful way to get started in the morning. My favourite part was the huge ass dollop of maple matcha mascarpone which might seem sinful and overwhelming at first glance. But it wasn't too sweet and the matcha flavour mellowed the richness of the mascarpone so this dish was very easy to polish off.
— Manchester Press —
8 Rankins Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


OMG this was so good I cry but it was also $13 which makes me cry again

Great poppy seed bagel with one of the best pulled pork I've tried. Super savoury and a huge portion.


That bagel was full of blueberry flavour. The maple bacon was also to die for, and it all went great together. Together with the solid flat white, perfect way to start off our brunch adventures in Melbourne. Hidden in a small alley, the industrial chic cafe was buzzing with liveliness.


Hidden in a little lane, Manchester Press serves awesome coffee and bagels. This flat white was my first coffee in Melbourne and... it did not disappoint. No sugar at all was required - it was naturally sweet and with a lovely fruity undertone.

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Super rich and super delicious!! There was such a generous portion of mascarpone!! Maybe a bit too rich to eat on your own but like I said before, if you're craving it and can't finish it, you can always take away!!