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A Korean fruit liqueur, made by fermenting Korean black raspberries with water, white rice grains, and jicho herbs.
It has a deep, ruby violet colour, with aromas of blackberry, raspberry, spring water, and blackcurrant.
Body is light, medium-thin, and slightly sticky, with tastes that are similar to its aroma.
Bold refreshing fruity sweet flavour, it's said to have medicinal properties, including being able to aid liver and kidney functions.
Maple Tree House / 단풍나무집
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Everyone, meet the best beef you'll ever get in Korea. This premium beef is so exclusive that you can't get it outside of the country. Just look at its gorgeous marbling - the meat is unbelievably tender and ugh, just terribly delicious. Please please please do yourselves a favour and eat this if you're visiting Seoul.


Korean BBQ for dinner!

Watching Korean dramas has me craving for Korean beef – which the country, sadly, does not export.

But when I do get to have it in Seoul, my go-to for K-BBQ is Maple Tree House for its quality and affordability.

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Been craving this lately because the Korean dramas I watch keep featuring the characters enjoying Korean BBQ.

The Koreans don’t export their Hanwoo beef, but when I do get to have it in Seoul, Maple Tree House is my go-to for its affordability and quality.

By the way, this pic was taken during my solo trip to Seoul last October, so I had this entire slab of Hanwoo all to myself ☺️ .

#hanwoo #beef #koreanbbq #korea #seoul #koreanfood #seoulfood #food #foodporn #burpple #RXgetsfatSeoul #belikerachelx

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