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More Reviews of good food at Maru Dine & Bar

for valentine’s day, @marusgdinebar has curated a four course dinner($78++):
1. appetisers - camembert fries w blueberry dip, avocado ravioli, california maki, aburi salmon mentai, sardine sheet
2. salad - cherry tomatoes, olives, romaine lettuce, pommery mustard & honey dressing
3. main - grilled sea bass, scallop & carabinero prawn, glazed in yuzu miso OR striploin steak, foie gras, red wine butter, sauté w trio capsicum & wild mushroom
4. dessert - chocolate mousse cake & macadamia ice cream
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This is a clean tasting white fish without any fishyness. While it can get a tad salty, it's nicely balanced by nori wasabi, orange ponzu jelly, pomegranate, basil and shio kosho.
It had been a long day for me and I had eaten at two other places before this, so I didn't really eat most of the other dishes during this tasting. I have the impression that the dishes are creative and pretty good, so I'll drop by again during lunch one day and give a review of the other dishes served that evening.
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for another experience, break the egg yolk and mix everything together. super tasty this way! thank you mae, lena, and the team at @marusgdinebar for spoiling us thoroughly last tuesday night! 🤤
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📍icon village, 12 gopeng street, #01-05-11, singapore 078877

Think about the Hokkaido scallop, botan ebi, uni, aburi salmon, caviar, chilled somen in bonito shoyu broth 😋. .
Hiyashi Somen at S$34++. .
Where to dine?
Maru Dine & Bar
Icon Village, 12 Gopeng St #01-05 to 11, 078877
Reservation at , [email protected]
or 6327 1123

The light and refreshing taste complement the hot weather, while the bright reds and greens make it suitable to welcome the Year of the Dog 🐶 as well.
Where to dine?
Maru Dine & Bar
Icon Village, 12 Gopeng St #01-05 to 11, 078877
Reservation at , [email protected] or 6327 1123

with onsen egg, wafu sauce and furikake topping 》$23

While pork jowl fried rice sounds like a interesting fusion, it didn’t turn out to be as good. The pork jowl is tender but fried rice feels a little dry and oily. I would prefer to have white rice where I can pair it nicely with the pork jowl and sauce. It would be good to share this as I feel the portion might be too heavy for 1 pax.

Special thanks to Burpple and Maru for the voucher giveaway 🙆‍♀️

Mentaiko potato and lotus root chips 》$14

This dish arrived with a nice fragrant. Plump juicy mushrooms stuffed with mentaiko mashed potato with crispy lotus root chips for the extra crunch.

Special thanks to Burpple and Maru for the voucher giveaway 🙆‍♀️

Caviar, shio konbu, truffle and chilled angel hair 》$28

Al dente pasta with a rich umami flavour. Look at the portion of ikura! 😍 I can’t wait to pop them in my mouth. Every ingredient from the truffle to ikura and uni complements one another.

Special thanks to Burpple and Maru for the voucher giveaway 🙆‍♀️

Somen topped with sashimi scallops, prawn, ikura, uni and caviar. I would have liked to have the somen firmer but the overall combination of fresh seafood is not difficult to like, although I’ve got to say that it was a pity that the uni flavours were masked by the rest. The somen sauce was lighter, but it wasn’t too big a problem as they serve a small saucer of soy sauce with each portion for you to adjust accordingly.

Thank you @marusgdinebar for having us and @gnohznaij for the invite! 🙇🏻‍♀️

Beef don done right. They totally nailed this dish! The fried rice was amazingly fragrant due to the garlic and when mixed together with the onsen egg, ‘twas pretty on point. The beef was really tender, and came in multiple juicy cubes paired with mushrooms! While the beef was no doubt, meant to be the main highlight of the dish, I find myself more attracted to the fried rice though. The serving was huge, so I suggest you share the mains 👍🏼

Serving was unexpectedly small as compared to the beef don but we understand why the moment we took our first mouth. This mentaiko prawn and baby scallop pasta really lived up to its name with the generous amount of mentaiko, making us Super jelat after a while.

Dinner / 10 Jan 2018: the highlight of the dish is the broth - it’s like a seafood like laksa soup (think coconut, seafood, lemon grass). The soup is so addictive that we drench our beef don with it (and they went well together!)

Dinner / 10 Jan 2018: truly loved this wonderful take on the humble hummus - it’s like a japanese flavoured guacamole and paired with salted egg dusted baguette.

The set lunches here are really reasonably priced. This was SGD18+ and you get to fill up your salad bowl with three different salads at the bar. I loved the pork jowl but I felt that it would have been better paired with plain white Japanese rice or brown rice instead of fried rice. The fried rice made it a tad too heavy.

While the slabs of tender, grilled pork were meant to be the highlight of the bowl (and they were certainly delicious), what stole the show for me was the fragrant mound of rice beneath it, marinated in a piquant garlic sauce and mixed in with egg yolk. Help yourself to the free-flow salad bar, and I especially liked the lotus root salad! Come by in the month of Jan for 15% off with Burpple 😉

Taking two distinct and drastically different cuisines, and creating a tantalizing combination; Maru Dine & Bar’s Pork Jowl Banh Mi ($12 for two) was spot on and certainly one of my favourite dishes off their dinner menu! And if you have yet to try the place, you should know that the contemporary Vietnamese, Japanese and American fusion restaurant does a really mean pork jowl. Think succulent, flavourful, well-marinated and tender meat with the perfect ratio of fatty and lean parts. Though deviating from the usual banh mi that you get elsewhere in term of ingredients and size, you got to love their crisp mini baguettes as well. Prepared in-house, the small golden-brown loaves definitely delivered a crusty yet airy bite. And stuffed along with the beloved savoury-sweet pork jowl was also tangy Japanese pickled cucumber and purple shiso for that extra oomph, making this one awesome hand-sized sandwich.

Same fried rice as with the one with the jowl, beef was tasty and juicy, runny onsen eggs. One good fried rice 4.25/5

[Lunch menu]
When I read that it was fried rice, I instinctively prepared myself for minced unagi fried rice topped with bonito flakes (come on, at $13 in Tanjong Pagar, who wouldn’t think so?). Surprise surprise! Two chunks of eel with bonito flakes, chives, furikake, omelette shreds and seaweed. Mix everything together and viola! You’ve got yourself a delicious rice bowl.

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The Uni Ikura Angel Hair Pasta features a truffle-infused Japanese sea urchin sauce. Nestled on the pasta was a dollop of fresh uni and caviar, with supporting elements of salmon roe tumbling down the sides.

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Saw a review on Burpple's instagram and does look appetiIng. Went during lunch time, the waitress assigned was really nice, offering /explaining the set menu, etc.

The fried rice was pretty good, onsen egg really give the dish some richness and jowl is chewy, yet tender. The glazing though, was something else 4.25/5