More Reviews at Maru Japanese Restaurant

More Reviews of good food at Maru Japanese Restaurant

Had the Anago Foie Gras Bowl for lunch and I thought it was really good! The Foie Gras was well grilled and flavourful. The Anago (saltwater eel) was well marinated and the rice bowl was really satisfying overall :)

First time trying Anago (saltwater eel) vs the more common unagi (freshwater eel). I must say I'm not astute enough to tell the difference, but this was a decent don. Another disclaimer, this was ordered via MealPal and its my understanding this is not offered on their usual lunch menu. Perhaps the missing ingredients would have elevated this dish further - from decent to good? - will have to try their anago foie gras donburi from the standard lunch menu to find out!


For the uninitiated, anago is unagi’s softer, less fatty and milder tasting salt water cousin. Didn’t enjoy this don as much as the aburi chirashi don unfortunately. The anago tasted a bit too soft for my liking, and with the seasoned ume (sour plum) furikake rice, it was a bit underwhelming to me.

The cucumber provided some textural contrast, but I would have preferred cucumber cubes, rather than sticks. By contrast, I would have definitely preferred the foie gras to not be cubed as I couldn’t taste the richness at all simply because it was too small! The outer surface also tasted somewhat sour, like it was pickled, which was peculiar.

Wouldn’t go for this again as although it sounded really great, the execution wasn’t as good as I’d hoped for. Thankfully, I got it as part of a 4-course menu deal on Chope during its sales! Maru is also available on #burpplebeyond.

Chunks of fish were really fresh. You can taste the sweetness of the flesh.

The bursts of tobiko with plump vinegary sushi rice was very appetising too.

7.5/10 👌🏻👌🏻


Got this through Mealpal! Verdict: 🤔

I guess it’s quite value for money if you get it through Mealpal but don’t expect a very filling portion or very fresh sashimi. It’s still quite decent for a chirashi nonetheless and definitely worth a try if you are looking for a quick chirashi fix. #mealpal

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Maru’s truffle ikura chawanmushi ($8) was quite unexpectedly amazing and interestingly presented as well. The silky chawanmushi was served inside egg shells and the surface of it was covered in beautiful ikura and a really tasty truffle dashi stock. The first bite was a small piece of heaven, with the soft egg and salty burst of fishiness from the ikura, and lastly the truffle hitting you. Little bits of truffle paste was also incorporated inside the chawanmushi, so even after finishing the top layer, there was a lingering earthy taste. Got this as part of a 4-set meal thanks to @chopesg’s coupon ($15). So value for money! P.s. Maru is also on #burpplebeyond.
While this appetiser was great, the same couldn’t be said about the service because the manager was extremely condescending towards his young service staff and asked him to “go away!”, all whilst taking our order beside us. He also told us curtly that he “needs the table back by 12.45pm” without explaining why and before we had even ordered anything. Nothing wrong with setting a time limit since they may have other reservations, but I felt that the way he put forward his point was incredibly rude. That said, his young service staff are all quite polite and our previous experience here (when the manager did not serve us) was pleasant. Maru’s food is quite good, but the experience was completely ruined by the service this time.

Garlic fried rice comes with a rather large serving of beef cubes and onsen egg. Beef cube was stir fried with red wine and give a nice flavour to it! Mix the onsen egg into the rice to give the rice an extra oomps!


Stir-fry sushi rice w sesame, topped with unagi, scallop, bonito flakes and ginger. Taste was passable with sizeable portion of toppings.


Tried Maru’s aburi chirashi don ($29) with their Saturday 1 for 1 (book via their website or phone) and it was so great!! It’s super affordable considering the quality of their ingredients and also comes with free flow pasta salad and greens. P.s. they are also available on #burpplebeyond.

The sashimi came in quite substantial portions and tasted fresh. The smokiness due to them torching the surface, and I believe the sashimi is sprinkled with just a little bit of some kind of special salt, which really enhances the flavour. The rice is mixed with black sesame seeds and a bit of ume (sour plum) furikake, which makes it an interesting spin on the usual vinegary sushi rice and it went quite well with the sashimi.

Will definitely be coming back to try their hiyashi somen (uni, botan ebi, aburi salmon and other luxurious ingredients) and mentaiko cod fish bowl!!


A scrumptious rice bowl packed with lots of flavour!

I ordered the pork jowl don because it sounded like such a hearty dish on the menu.

Atypical of most rice bowls, this comes with garlic fried rice which is superb when mixed with the onsen egg. Some people would prefer to have uruchimai, or pearly white Japnanese rice, but I think the fried rice makes for a more well-rounded dish. The grilled pork cheeks were tender and well-cooked and seasoned. Definitely left wanting more!


Grilled dried puffer fish. Taste like ba kwa but nicer! Recommended side dish to pair with sake!


Yummy soft mochi made of bracken starch then tossed in super legit matcha powder! Perfect dessert to end off a heavy meal 😋


What is included:
3 kinds of appetizer - edamame, tamago with eel, tako wasabi
Fresh oyster with smoked tomato sherbet
5 kinds of assorted sashimi - ebi, tuna, salmon, yellow tail, sword fish sashimi
Grilled seasonal item - grilled yellow tail
2 kinds of aburi sushi - aburi salmon and sword fish sushi
1 mini chirashi don
Soup of the day - asari miso soup
Dessert - yuzu ice cream

Comes with 250ml cold sake. Got to say their sake options quite limited though. They have interesting cocktails going at $12 each (happy hour price)

Overall, super good value for the food served. Very substantial! Particularly enjoyed the grilled yellow tail and the aburi sushis. The promising menu definitely deserves a second visit! They have another promotion for 1-1 wagyu 9 course meal at $68.80++ I might be back to try!

Very affordable Japanese fusion dishes. Love that premium ingredients are so value for money and generous in portion.

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I didn't quite expect the tacos to look like this. Feels more like mini wraps than tacos because I was expecting hard shell tortilla style taco but this came in this... soft... thing, I said thing because I couldn't remember what exactly it is but it's not the usual wheat tortilla you get from Mexican wraps as well. Nevertheless!!! I really liked the crunchy chicken within, the wrap is soft but surprisingly really good. Other stuffings include the corns, lettuce and avocados. So be warned that it can be quite a mess when eating this!! And my advice would be JUST USE YOUR HAND.

Yay what a pleasant surprise. The fried rice is pretty tasteless on its own but the furikake nori and chives on the side salvaged it. The star of the show, the pork jowl, was pretty tender. Esp loved the slight crisp on the pork and the sweet and savoury glaze(which goes so well with the rice as well). Guess everything is in accordance with catering to the office crowd, it's a really light meal from the non-greasy pork to the fried rice nothing is overly unctuous.

Btw maybe just today but the ice water tasted q bad lol

Aburi Wagyu Beef Don ($16)
A lunch time special @marusgdinebar that’s limited to only 30 bowls/day, this rice bowl comprised generous servings of raw tender waygu laid on a bed of rice then torched lightly and served with onsen egg. Considering the amount of beef, this was definitely value for money. For diners who prefer their beef more wellcooked, it is probably better to inform the service staff when ordering as the underside of the beef slices was still relatively raw since the flame probably missed some spots. Also great that for dine-ins, they also provide a few complimentary freeflow salad options as sides.


With beef being my go-to protein, Maru Dine and Bar's Stir Fry Cube Beef Don ($20) was good and made for a hearty weekday lunch option. Tender and juicy, the diced meat was the ideal doneness where you get the desired bite along with the natural flavours from the moisture locked within. Lightly seasoned, the garlic red wine sauce didn't overwhelm the elements but instead enhanced the earthy notes of the shimeiji mushrooms and the fragrant bed of fried rice. Jazzing up the bowl further, the crispy garlic bits and furikake also added great textures. And a tip would be giving everything a good mix before eating and especially coating the beef cubes with the yolk of the runny onsen egg! Oh and not forgetting your greens... just help yourself to the free-flow salad with every main ordered.

glazed with garlic red wine sauce, shimeiji mushroom, crispy garlic, asatsuki, onsen egg, fried rice


We had the omakase at $78 but nothing special. This ala carte angelhair was the best item of the night. I can't rem but it was abt $27.