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It is only sweetened by the mitarashi sauce, and it has gotta be the least sweet (and most value for money) kakigori I’ve tried at Matchaya 😁

The crushed spiced cookies sprinkled over reminds me that Christmas is not too far away 🎄
P.S. You really need to share this with someone! (Coming from someone who usually has no problem finishing one kakigori)

Matchaya is always a good idea 😙 love the rich and creamy matcha soft serve and the Rice Krispies thing at the bottom of the parfait. I forgot to ask them not to add red beans so if you're like me and hate adzuki with your green tea desserts, make sure to let them know!!

Whenever I crave for a tea-flavoured soft serve, Matchaya just comes naturally to my mind. While I enjoy everything matcha, my all-time favourite from Matchaya is actually Houjicha soft serve topped with concentrated Houjicha syrup ($6.90)! So intense and deeply flavoured, this creamy soft serve leaves a strong tea impression, the aromatic and nutty notes of Houjicha will just linger. 😍

I took literally 10minutes to decide what to get cause everything looked so damn friggin yummy, and ended up with this Kinako Kuromitsu bowl with Houjicha soft serve. Needless to say their soft serve’s nailed it as usual, the roasty nutty aroma of the houjicha distinct and well balanced with a rich, creamy body, and just the right amount of sweetness. What surprised me though was how great the other ingredients were! Loved the soft tender bite of the warabi mochi against the bouncy shiratama dangos 😍

Layers and layers of yumminess, Matchaya’s Seasonal Chocolate Mont Blanc Parfait (available only at the Cathay outlet) was such a treat! Inhaling one all by myself, the tall glass does set you back quite a bit at $16.90 but certainly understandable with the quality ingredients used and sizable serving.

Piling on the delicate chestnut patisserie cream, fluffy nama choco espuma, crunchy duo of dark and white chocolate shavings, Kuromitsu syrup-soaked chestnut bits layered with crispy feuilletine throughout, finished with a buttery maple leaf shaped cookie, creamy kuri gelato and crowned with a whole chestnut on delicious swirls of homemade mont blanc cream. You get to enjoy as well as experience the different textures and flavour as you dig in - all smooth, nutty, airy, slightly chocolatey and rich.

Loving the decadent marron paste, this autumn special is more intense (more pronounced taste of chestnut) than the seasonal cone. And though a lot seems to be going on in the parfait, the elements worked well together. I also adore the addictive feuilletine bits that offered such a satisfying crunch as you get into the softer ingredients.


I think even if you are not fans of chestnuts, you can still enjoy this kakigori or the soft serve! I do need to share this someone who can help me eat the chestnut bits 😁
Just after I took this first shot, the very soft and fluffy chestnut cream slided down!
P.S. I love their new loyalty system, no card or app needed! 👍🏼

But this is my first ever matcha kakigori at Matchaya... What took me so long?? 🤣 Absolutely love the strong matcha taste 💚💚 I usually prefer houjicha over matcha, but this may be one of the rare occasions matcha wins! It’s been a while so I need to eat a houjicha one next time to be sure 😆
I’m very glad that my companions agree one person can easily finish one of this 😏

This is one place I can never get enough of. Hojicha, Matcha and Hokkaido milk soft serves are crazy good. The hojicha is so well balanced and the matcha is gaoooooo enough to send you back to Japan. I can't wait to go back.

Love matchaya because quality is always assured. Got the houjicha set cause I'm super caffeine-sensitive and houjicha is basically roasted matcha (I think) so it contains lesser caffeine.

The set is perfect for sharing with a friend, you get to try everything and you can rest assured that every element will be good, from the creamy and rich soft serve to the moreish warabi mochi. AND they will add hot milk to the leftover houjicha dipping sauce after so you don't waste any of the goodness and you get a delish houjicha latte. Only thing I didn't like was the brownie, which was weirdly dry and kinda tasteless.

Had always been not particularly into trying Matchaya's version of the Kakigori for its high price tag that they had since revised to make it less pricey, but I am glad that I actually finally managed to try it. Opted for the Houjicha which was indeed roasty and aromatic with a rather balanced tea aroma; I liked how the espuma does help to give a bit of depth with a creamier touch. What intrigued me the most however was the shaved ice that was made from Japanese spring water — its not just ice cold; it also seemed pretty refreshing and cooling at the same time while being really light in terms of texture. Inside hides a mound of Azuki that goes pretty well with the Kakigori itself; earthy and subtly sweet — adds a little bite to the icy treat. I wouldn't say I would go for this any day, but I guess I am good with it if a friend is in need of an ice-cold dessert and is willing to share the cost — the same way I feel about Bingsu.

☺️You can expect STRONG but not overly sweet flavours!
Sometimes, I don't like to read/ask about what's inside the kakigori so that I get a nice surprise 😁 In this case, I love the ingredients inside! 😍😋
Hope to have this again by end of the week before their menu changes again!

Double Kinako Kakigori ($15.90)
@Matchayasg is serving up their latest seasonal kakigori pairing 2 of my favourite japanese dessert ingredients together, kuromitsu and kinako! Kinako cream sauce is generously applied atop the kakigori whilst the kinako powder is dusted onto the kakigori to dangerous levels risking inhalation😂! After digging for gold in the Kakigori, one would hit the jackpot kuromitsu ice cream (a collab with Tom’s Palette). Rich and creamy, the ice-cream paired really well with the icy dessert. Lavish kuromitsu sauce is also served on the side to further enchant Matchaya’s fans. I only wish there were less icy chunks in the kakigori as it may have marred my 2nd kakigori experience here. Only about 3 more days to go for anyone who wants to have a go at this!

One of my favourite things from Matchaya - their roll cakes! I was left feeling rather indifferent when I had their Matcha Roll Cake the last time, but the Houjicha ($5.00) flavour managed to elicit a smile.

For anybody who asks me what hōujicha tastes like, I always tell them that it's faintly reminiscent of matcha in terms of its earthy bitterness, but there are newfound nuttiness and caramel-like taste - all as a result of roasting the matcha leaves.

Its heaviness on the palette is toned down from that of matcha's, so that keeps it from being unappetisingly intense. Yet, I still think it has an acquired taste for some people like myself. I honestly wasn't fond of it when I first had it, but after a few tries, it has grown to be one of my favourite flavours besides the Hokkaido Milk.

Besides the flavour in general, I must point out that the roll cake is so moist that it disintegrated almost immediately upon ingestion. It is this factor that has me gravitating towards Matchaya's roll cakes every single time. 😋

This towering cup comes with a drizzle of Kuromitsu sauce and a Kinako espuma sprinkled with Kinako powder. For those who are fond of this roasted soy flour, this decadant ice blended beverage is unequivocally a godsent. Personally, this beverage was likable enough to convert me from a sceptic to a believer of a kinako-based beverage.

This was quite the balanced drink I would say. It is modestly sweet with a roasted accent redolent of muah chee's. It's a unique flavour of ice blended beverage that is oddly captivating despite being aggressively coarse on my esophagus. 😭 Still, it's one flavour you probably won't come by often, which made it quite worth the try! (7.7/10)

Matchaya’s Seasonal Double (x2) Kinako Kuromitsu Kakigori is my new love (so guud i tell you)! A mighty heap of Japanese shaved ice capped with a thick handmade Kinako cream sauce, Kinako powder, and if that wasn’t enough an extra dose from Tom’s Palette’s Kinako Kuromitsu ice cream layered in between. Be still my heart!

Made with rich roasted soy bean and Japanese brown sugar from Okinawa; the gelato flavour sees the result of a wonderful collaboration between the two dessert parlours. Just a roasty fragrant nutty goodness, the texture was also divine with bits of chewy brown sugar jelly embedded within the treat. Nicely balanced, the ice was not overly sweet and can certainly afford to drizzle more Kuromitsu syrup that is served along side.

Only available in their Cathay outlet till 17th September, be sure to order this limited edition item especially the kinako fans and bring a friend to wipe up everything!

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