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From the Burpple community

A nondescript stall with the most unassuming yellow signboard, they make among the best homey dumplings I’ve ever had in a hawker centre. Neatly sealed in those yellow wanton wrappers our mamas use at home, their dumplings (and wantons but dumplings especially) are stuffed with lean minced meat and prawns, no-fillers, and super well-seasoned. Dip those beauts in some of their punchy homemade chilli sauce — WEEEEEW. Stunning. They also make some bombass fuzhou fishballs that are mega qq and juicy. Now I’m not gonna call these the best craziest yummiest ones out there, but it’s very comforting and homey to me and I’ve never once dined at Maxwell without ordering from them. Besides, the old couple manning the store are super adorable 🥰

This was average, it was thick and chewy but I would prefer if it was just a tad softer. Fillings were pretty standard, coco was juicy and peanut was crunchy. I wouldn’t mind repurchasing if I happened to walk past, but if I’m in the area I would rather go to Hong Lim / Chinatown Complex.

I didn't plan to eat this but because the stall I wanted to go to is not open so I decided to try out this stall. If you like spinach soup, you should try this. They gave one whole bunch of spinach...chew until I tired. Haha!😅 The prawns are very fresh, the soup taste like home-cooked soup. 有妈妈的味道 ☺️


Pretty good char kwey Teow from a stall in the middle row with a yellow signboard that says fried kwey Teow, fried Hokkien mee , fried oysters and carrot cake .

Good moisture and charredness without being too greasy and great that it was not too sweet at all . Would be even better if fresh prawns are used.

Ask for more chilli to zing things up a bit .

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Ngoh Hiang
meat roll, sausage, liver roll, egg slice, beancurd, fried bee hoon

(from Hup Kee Wu Xiang Guan Chang)

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Ngoh Hiang
meat roll, liver roll, sausage, egg slice, beancurd, fried bee hoon

(from China Street Fritters)

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