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From the Burpple community

Nothing new about hearing of a young chef leaving a one-Michelin-star restaurant to start a hawker stall. But steam fish at a hawker center? That’s something I got to try. The fish was fresh and cooked perfectly, though I felt the sauce could have had more oomph. But at a fraction of what you’ll pay for at a restaurant, I really can’t complain.

Tried this at Maxwell Food Centre, it's yummy! ✨

Mixture of different items - Grilled Cuttlefish, You Tiao, Tau Pok, Century Egg, Cucumber. Ordered the S$8 portion for sharing. Comes with a thick sweet/spicy sauce with lots of peanuts.

I like the fact that its not oily. The #youtiao and cuttlefish are served still crispy! Also love the century egg with pickled ginger.

Would eat this again 👍

Rojak, Popiah & Cockle (Stall 56)
Maxwell Food Centre
1 Kadayanallur St
Singapore 069184

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This is $4.50 for roast duck noodles and char siew. There was a queue likely due to its reasonable prices. Roast duck was good.

They say Jiang Nan Wei Dao could fight with Ding Tai Fung, and I totally agree with them. The egg fried rice really cooked until perfectly yellowish.

Don’t forget to mention how beautiful it was presented as well! With the prawns placed on top of the fried rice.


Haven’t come back to Maxwell Food Centre to have meal for sometime, and very surprised to see some new stalls here.

Jiang Nan Wei Dao is a Chinese food stalls and you could get the 红油抄手 here as well.

Although the spicy sauce could be improve more on the taste, but the meat dumplings are delicious.


📍Jin Hua sliced fish bee hoon stall at maxwell

This is my second time eating Jin Hua’s fis soup although my original intention was to try other stalls. But sadly all the other stalls that i wanted to try were still closed / not sure why they were closed for the day of my visit. This shop only starts operation at 11am. Even though a few customers enquired at 1050am+ they refused to start serving till it was almost 11am. When they officially started operation, it took quite a while for the queue to move as they took about 10mins for 2 order as there was only one person taking orders and prepping cooking the ingredients. (Other person was still busy slicing fish and frying fish). The long line of queue soon formed minutes after 11am.

My typical order here is the fried fish thick beehoon soup with added milk (small howl for $4.50). Super love the XO taste in the soup and fried fish went super well with their chilli sauce mix which interestingly had both red and green chillies!

Small bowl has about 4 slices of fried fish, but enough for me since there is so many other good food to try at Maxwell too!