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From the Burpple community

The Roasted Duck Noodle ($3.50) from 亚忠烧腊 at Maxwell Food Centre (#01-93) is surprisingly good. The duck meat is springy, the skin is fragrant and the noodle is tossed in a robust dark soya sauce. Reliving this is making me hungry again🤤

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The drink stall here is incredible. They sell ice blend milk tea or coffee for your $2.5 in a big cup.. Their shop drink is affordable price esp u should try their milk tea ice .

Had read about this famous stall set up by a young hawker in Yishun, and was very surprised to find their second outlet in Maxwell! We got 4 wings ($1.80 each, comprising wing + drumlet) and they do live up to the hype. The wings are marinated for 2 days for the flavours to be absorbed into the meat, and deep fried twice in batter to create that golden crunch. Was slightly disappointed to find that the meat itself wasn’t as flavourful as I’d expect, and be warned that the wings drip with oil. However, the batter is delightfully crispy and with a distinctive aroma! As far as har cheong gais go, this one hits the nail with the batter. Uncle said that business is good on weekdays, but tourists tend to flock to the famous chicken rice stall right beside his - perhaps a weekend would be a good time to give their wings a try!

This store is famed for its fried fish, but I actually enjoy the sliced fish soup ($4.50) more! It’s not as smooth as batang, but it has a good bite and the portion is generous. Also comes with lots of green vegetables, tomatoes and tofu; super value for money 🌟

These popiah rolls (one for $1.50, two for $2.80) had a brilliant bite with the generous serving of peanuts and crunch turnip. Found the sauce rather watery though, and not flavourful enough. Really enjoyed the chilli!

My go-to breakfast item in Maxwell. The peanut pancake ($0.70) is reminiscent of a mee chiang kueh, just with a pandan twist! Fragrant, moist and chewy with the crushed peanut bits makes the pancake a great snack. For those who are not a fan of peanuts, there are other options; mung bean, red bean and coconut.

Besides the signature pancake, 翁 Pancake sells fried fritters such as ham ji peng, youtiao, sesame ball and butterfly dough fritter. All at the same price of $0.70 too. The sesame balls are soft and flavourful with generous fillings.