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The chicken thigh was tender and moist and the gravy was just finger licking good without being overly spicy. The side of achar lent a good amount of citrusy and hence making the dish very well balanced on the palate as a whole.
Cannot wait to try the curry chicken set the next time we visit. On a side note, this stall is located directly opposite 天天hainanese chicken rice.

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Delectably chewy yet cripsy naan was prepared from scratch by the lady boss. Kneading, rolling and flipping of dough to baking it in the oven. The sides of vegetable curries were good as well and went well with the naan. Definitely a super filling meal if you are looking for something vegetarian with an empty stomach.

📍#01-25 North & South Authentic Indian Cuisine

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The meatballs were worth the queue, very well marinated, juicy and tasty! Loved it more than the sotong balls, which were fresh but doesn’t have a very strong flavour to it. The meepok was simple yet well done too, complements the handmade meatballs! Very yummy comfort food!

Contrary to the name itself, we like it with purely ‘you tiao’. Tell us we aren’t alone!

This stall in Maxwell is not too bad, named as Rojak, Popiah & Cockle.

Tried this popular fish soup stall Jin Hua Fish Head Bee Hoon at Maxwell Food Center and we like the rich broth and fresh fish slices. Good option if chicken rice is not on your agenda. Good morning!

The Roasted Duck Noodle ($3.50) from 亚忠烧腊 at Maxwell Food Centre (#01-93) is surprisingly good. The duck meat is springy, the skin is fragrant and the noodle is tossed in a robust dark soya sauce. Reliving this is making me hungry again🤤

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