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Tried the SUPER LONG QUEUE Hainanese Curry Rice (#01-68) but it felt pretty underwhelming lol. People bought 5-6 packets in one go (hence the wait) and the crunchy pork chop is a hot fave - it really is pretty good! But they are so stingy on the curry sauce!!!!!!!!! If your signature is curry rice then should give more sauce right. I only have that tiny pool and only the top 3/4 surface of the rice was covered pfft 😢😢😢

Luckily my Tian Tian Chicken Rice (#01-10/11) didn’t disappoint as usual!! #dqky #burpple

When my family comes to Maxwell, the fish soup is a sure order; but after an introduction to the above roast meat stall by the Hawker Spotlight event Burpple invited me to, things have changed. Torn between a plate of roast meat or fish soup, the perk of eating as a family allows an order of each to share. As my mum tasted the succulent and well roasted meat platter (叉烧,烧肉,烧鸭) for the first time, she favourably praised my (but actually Burpple’s) recommendation. While my family and I happily chowed down our lunch, I thought “its a joy to share the good stuff with my loved ones”.

P.S: another of my personal favourite here is the popiah stall that serves one of the better popiahs around at $1.30 per roll. On point skin and fillings- a excellent side dish to accompany your hawker spread.

Munching on one of my favourite childhood snacks - UFO (that was how I termed it when I was a kid) @ Maxwell Food Centre.


6 for $1. Good deals for a small snack. Coated with sugar. Different from the usual ones in the heartland market.

An old school dessert soup that's hard to find now. You can have just the peanut soup for $1 but add 50¢ and you get two glutinous rice balls - one with peanut filling and the other sesame seed filling. Yummy yummy yum yum yum!

Aside from the pork chop being less crunchy, the overall taste is still as good even when it's a takeaway.

Mum called: "I'm at Maxwell for breakfast want me to pack anything?"
Me: "Can I get Min Chiang Kueh (Chinese Pancakes)"
Mum: "Oh the one that looks like Swiss Roll is it?"
Me: "???" (30 min later at home- "Oh")
These arguably iconic Swiss roll like Chinese pancakes were paradoxically dense (in terms of pancake batter) yet light (in terms of sweetness and taste). They set one up for a delightfully breakfast or snack!

P.s: the coconut filling had a handful of sesame seeds that was different as well.

An excellent old school ngoh Hiang stall in Maxwell FC. Items are fried on the spot yet not only. Every item is tasty stuffed with delicious ingredients. Bee hoon is well fried and both chilli and sweet sauces are made just right for ngoh hiang. Yummy yummy yum yum yum.

Most of the stalls were closed and I stumbled upon @ron.chef I am so glad we struck up a conversation as I asked, "Are you all from Ipoh?" The moment I heard yes, I knew I had to try their dry curry noodles. Oh my goodness, it was so good that my heart sang! You see, I grew up eating this and outside of Ipoh, you find many who stake claims that theirs is the real deal. Hence, my initial scepticism. I am so happy I am proven wrong. In fact, I enjoyed this bowl of noodles so much that I ended up buying back some curry chicken and some of their homemade Bak Chang. @ron.chef , it was really nice meeting you and your lovely wife and family today. I will be back soon!

At this familiar and highly popular lunch venue for CBD office folks, don't be surprised if you spot an array of empty tables adorned with packets of tissue paper. This indicates that a table is ‘occupied’ while patrons are busy queuing for their food. This hawker centre is home to many noteworthy stalls including Zhen Zhen Porridge (#01-54), known for its generous portions of silky smooth bowls of Cantonese-style Congee (from $3) topped with ingredients like century egg, chicken and even a raw egg. For a snack, go to Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake (#01-05) for their Oyster Cakes (from $3) — moist, fluffy pancake-like discs of sinful indulgence, each consisting of a mixture of coriander, minced pork and oysters coated in a housemade batter and deep-fried to a crisp shell. Last but not least, don't forget Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice (#01-10/11), a current holder of the Michelin Bib Gourmand 2017 award. They master the four elements crucial to Chicken Rice (from $3.50) — super tender chicken, fragrant rice, tangy chilli sauce and a sesame-soy sauce drizzled over the chicken for that umami goodness.
Photos by Burppler Meiyen Tan and Burpple Tastemakers Julius Lim and Marc T.

Certainly one of the best I have tried as of late, get your Hong Kong style roast meat fix at Fu Shun Shao La Mian Jia [福顺 (锦记) 烧腊面家] / Hock Soon Roasted Duck Rice as they ticked all the right boxes for me.

Crispy skin, tender flesh and just the right amount of saltiness, the pork belly was amazing. Not overly jelat, the beautiful tri-layer of melt-in-your-mouth fat and crunchy crackling exterior was balanced nicely with the chewy-firm lean meat. Succulent yet not overly greasy, the roast duck was spot-on but be sure to ask for the sauce on the side so you can enjoy the taste of the roasted protein. The char siew was super satisfying too, with either leaner or fattier cuts, both have a lovely caramelization which adds a rich depth of flavour. Using only meat from the shoulders, their signature Char Siew was tender and my favourite is always the burnt bits around the meat that just gives it a yummy charredness and texture.

However, the best best part is the touch of smokiness to all the meats and is especially evident in the wings. Glorious and glistening, the smokey aroma of the platter is definitely the reason why I might go back again and again. Surrounded by many outstanding stalls in Maxwell Market, their steady queue can also attest to their popularity.

*psst I even tabao more back for my family and they loved it!

Thank you Burpple for inviting us to the 2017 Singapore Hawker Spotlight!


Fu Shun Roasted Meat Specialist has one of the best roast pork I’ve tried recently. Super crispy skin and a beautiful fat to meat ratio. The charsiu is also really really good. Beautifully caramelized with a sweet and smoky finish, the melt in the mouth factor was off the charts.

Shoutouts to @burpple for the great invite to the 2017 Singapore Hawker Spotlight!

Menu for 一家潮州鱼粥鱼汤 (Stall 66)

This simple bowl of fish soup from 一家潮州鱼粥鱼汤 (stall 66) looks so bland, but once you taste it you will know that the 30-minute wait of a queue was hella worth it. Choose between the regular fish ($3/$4 - top left/$5) or the premium pomfret ($5/$7 - bottom left). You may not be able to visually spot the difference, but when you put the fish slices into your mouth, you'll definitely notice that the pomfret has a much smoother texture. Worth the additional $ that you pay for it.

The best part is-- an hour after lunch is over, your throat & mouth don't feel dry. Not your typical run-of-the-mill hawker centre soup that is laden with MSG.

Truly spectacular, even if it doesn't look like it.

Ps: Do you like my fish skin laundry line?


Finally trying this dish at a hawker centre and the portion is just nice for one pax if u have some Lala craving. One seriously wok-hei dish...
Add on the pork lard for that extra oomph... ;)
Stall 93

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