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Date visited: 19/5/2018 (Sat 1:45pm)

After hearing/ reading so much about this stall's peanuts soup, this item is on my must-try list at the Maxwell Food Centre.

I reached the food centre at 12:20pm and walked around for a while.

When I walked past 75 peanuts soup, all 3 types (peanuts/ tau suan/ red bean) of soup were still available.

But at 1:45pm, after my lunch, when I walked over to the stall to order my peanuts soup, it was out of stock! Why? Why?? Why??!

I had tau suan instead. Also good. (Teochew: Bo Her Hei Ma Hor aka 没鱼虾也好) One of the better tau suan I have tried. I like!

But I will be back for the peanut sauce soup!

$1 per bowl of soup
$1.20 for takeaway
$1.50/ $2 to add tangyuan (aka glutinous rice balls), depending on how many you choose to add.
$1.60/ $2 for takeaway (with glutinous rice balls)

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Not sure it’s coriander or Chinese parsley inside. Can’t appreciate the taste.

Fried tofu, crispy on the outside, soft and smooth in the inside 👍🏻

Tian Tian queue is horrendous (mostly tourists) so bought this instead. Actually this is pretty good! One of the better chicken rice I’ve had.

Famous for their tapioca kueh, ondeh ondeh and kueh kosui.

Ondeh ondeh doesn’t have the bursting effect but all the kuehs are soft, not too mushy. Surprisingly the kueh kosui is my fav! The Gula Melaka taste is strong and the texture is just nice. 😋 Wanted to go back for more but they are all sold out.

There’s another stall of the same name so look at the unit no. We bought the pork chop, egg with cabbage. Pork chop is not tough and curry amount is quite generous and yummy.

Aside from popiah, this stall also sells rojak and cockles and people are already starting to queue before their opening at 12pm.

• The turnips were flavourful and piping hot (due to quick service)
• Big scoop of fragrant ground peanuts were given
• Beansprouts were fresh and crunchy
• Affordable at $1.50/roll and $2.80 for 2

• Wrapped a little too loosely
• The skin has a very interesting texture - it tastes more bread-y like a tortilla wrap instead of chewy, and I prefer the latter


This is probably the only other stall that rolls up their min jiang kueh like Jollibean. These pancakes (70cents each) are pandan-flavoured, but they're unfortunately mild and I couldn't really taste it. Nonetheless, they're soft, chewy, and pretty addictive. The fillings may seem little, but it's actually just right for the size of the pancakes and the pinwheel shape helped to ensure you get those perfectly-sweetened fillings in each layer.



Not only was the bowl packed with flavor, but it was also packed with tons of ingredients! I bought the $4 bowl and shared it with my boyfriend and it was enough to fill our tummies 🤤 The price is based on the size of the bowl and not the ingredients chosen so I would recommend getting the one with all the ingredients because it’s more worth! The porridge was already salty and flavorful enough, so I would recommend not adding extra soya sauce on your own. The porridge wasn’t peppery, so you can add pepper if you want, though I really liked the “natural” taste of the porridge on its own.
📍: Zhen Zhen Porridge ; Maxwell Food Centre
🕑: 5:30am-2:30pm

Something you can look forward to if you want a lighter food to accompany your main food. The trishaw noodle comes in a very small bowl for only $1.

Rated full marks on the Makansutra Food Guide, its not uncommon to see a snaking queue even during non-peak hours. However, the hype is validated by how tasty it is. For $3, you get a giant bowl chockful of ingredients topped with preserved radish, soy sauce, fresh scallions and aromatic sesame oil. Delicious.


Tried the SUPER LONG QUEUE Hainanese Curry Rice (#01-68) but it felt pretty underwhelming lol. People bought 5-6 packets in one go (hence the wait) and the crunchy pork chop is a hot fave - it really is pretty good! But they are so stingy on the curry sauce!!!!!!!!! If your signature is curry rice then should give more sauce right. I only have that tiny pool and only the top 3/4 surface of the rice was covered pfft 😢😢😢

Luckily my Tian Tian Chicken Rice (#01-10/11) didn’t disappoint as usual!! #dqky #burpple

When my family comes to Maxwell, the fish soup is a sure order; but after an introduction to the above roast meat stall by the Hawker Spotlight event Burpple invited me to, things have changed. Torn between a plate of roast meat or fish soup, the perk of eating as a family allows an order of each to share. As my mum tasted the succulent and well roasted meat platter (叉烧,烧肉,烧鸭) for the first time, she favourably praised my (but actually Burpple’s) recommendation. While my family and I happily chowed down our lunch, I thought “its a joy to share the good stuff with my loved ones”.

P.S: another of my personal favourite here is the popiah stall that serves one of the better popiahs around at $1.30 per roll. On point skin and fillings- a excellent side dish to accompany your hawker spread.


Munching on one of my favourite childhood snacks - UFO (that was how I termed it when I was a kid) @ Maxwell Food Centre.


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6 for $1. Good deals for a small snack. Coated with sugar. Different from the usual ones in the heartland market.


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