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Singapore 538766

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06:30am - 12:00am

06:30am - 12:00am

06:30am - 12:00am

06:30am - 12:00am

06:30am - 12:00am

06:30am - 12:00am

06:30am - 12:00am

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From the Burpple community

@mcdsg seem to be starting a fried chicken side hustle with the permanent fixture of the McCrispy (aka the McShitty because of what it does to your bowels), and now the unexpected collab with @benyeo23. The Hainanese Chicken Burger is a half truth, as it’s a deep fried chicken fillet as opposed to the poached chicken that defines Hainanese chicken, but it definitely is a burger.⠀

As you may have already guessed, the chicken did not make this burger. It’s still greatly gratifying though, as it’s juicy, meaty and decently deep fried, and you have to be trolling to make fried chicken bad. No, the sauces were the reason why McDonald’s had the guts to even call this a Hainanese chicken burger. The gloriously garlicky chili was mildly spicy but possessed no less flavoursome fabulousness than the best chicken rice chilies out there. ⠀

The ginger paste/sauce was insanely gingery, and has probably been robbed from an actual chicken rice stall. I refuse to believe that Mickey D’s can actually whip up a ginger sauce that can beat many chicken rice hawkers out there. Ain’t no way, ain’t no fuckin’ way. And of course, the extra touch of dark, slightly sweet soy sauce on top really seals the deal & turns this burger into a legit tasting Hainanese Chicken experience. Oh, and these waffle fries? Absolute potato perfection. Potatoes aspire to become these waffle fries when they grow up, trust me.⠀

The semolina flour dusted buns were tastefully toasted & fluffy, and the veg was a little out of place but not unwelcome. Pickled veg would definitely be the way to go, but you know what would REALLY turn this into a legit Hainanese Chicken experience? Chicken rice burger buns, son, that’s how. As a matter of fact, it would then morph into the gone but definitely not forgotten pinnacle of culinary art that are the Fan-tastic burgers. Strap in kids, it’s time for more Fan-tastic burger propaganda.⠀

@mcdsg bring back the Fan-tastic burgers already before I be wil’in in your stores. It’s the only good thing you guys have come up with since the Samurai burger. And the McGriddles. And these waffle fries. Run the Fan-tastic burgers back again, right god damn now.

it was so hyped up and everyone said it was good so i felt like i had to try it at least once before they disappeared (damn marketing strategies). i felt like it’s overhyped tbh... like ok the crust was nice, but it tasted too fried & oily, & the chocolate filling tasted like artificial chocolate cream? this pie reminded me that i was eating from mcdonalds so i cant expect much lol. while it was not 100% inedible, i wouldn’t have this again. 😟

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Oh boy, i’m so glad that the chocolate pie from McDonald’s is back! Had been craving for it since their previous release last year.

I love its gooey chocolatey interior that is perfectly balanced & not too sweet while the exterior is a crisp pie pastry, so yummy!

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Feels like a Budget Godiva ice cream and I loved it

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Quite excited to try McDonald’s new offerings. The chocolate pie ($1.40) is probably best eaten warm- it’s dark chocolate molten core would definitely satisfy chocoholics which pairs with the crispy (though very messy) chocolate crust.
The Thai milk tea ice cream cone ($1) did have a little hint of cha Yen flavour but mostly I suspect artificially sweetened. Save your calories for elsewhere.

Good try! I must say the crispy coconut flavored chicken thigh patty was juicy in a unique tasty way. Sadly the sweet & spicy sambal sauce was not shiok enough. It was quite a mess eating this too.
Overall a special burger with fried egg, caramelised onions & crunchy cucumber slices. Would I go for this again? Probably not. I want my Nasi Lemak with crispy chicken wing, crunchy ikan bilis, shiok shiok sambal chilli & fragrant coconut rice 😋


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