[CLOSED] Mean Bean & Wicked Grind

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * A cozy and rustic cafe that serves up good coffee and yummy desserts!

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From the Burpple community

Iced mocha because the weather was just too hot for something warm. Coffee was not too bad. Milky with a bitter after taste

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We shared among ourselves for this one. The salad (consisting of a variety of ingredients which you can choose from and sauce as well) was quite worth it as they gave quite a huge portion. The japanese sauce is definitely worth a try as it was not too sour/sweet (4/5) The earl grey lavender cake was really good, with pretty icing designs on top. The lavender and earl grey taste matched really well and made the cake as a whole. (5/5) The drinks such as elderflower presse is worth a try, but you could get it anywhere in singapore. (3/5)

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By honeyydrizzle for the bake sale. Gorgeous and uncloying. Rose cream, lychee, raspberries sandwiched between 2 macaron shells - all the good things in a dessert. Missing this now.


From the bakesale by alexcrumb. We thought the outside of the cupcake was a tad dry though inside was moist. the cupcake is so tasty, all is well! Was so surprised when I bit into it and there was a surprise waiting in the middle. Nutty nutty goodness. Prettily garnished buttercream was too sweet for me but the bff loved it. Note to self: get some pistachio nut butter? (Also, alexcrumb actually posted the recipe! Gonna save it and hopefully try baking it.. someday)

Yesterday's bake sale for For a Golden Home, noms with meaning yay. Personal favourite was the ispahan by honeyydrizzle, beautifully made and delicate flavour of Rose, lychee topped with raspberries that were just right. Also liked the pistachio butter-filled matcha cupcake by alexcrumb. What made this work was definitely the amazing pistachio butter!! Other stuff we tried: matcha brownie with white chocolate, yoghurt tart with fruits. Loved the Sakura from Allerines Tea (and they have the prettiest crockery). ANYWAY, they apparently still have some bakes left so if you're in the area do support the cause.


Finally got to try this! 😍😍