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Meats N Malts

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Meats N Malts is a bar and diner in the industrial estate of Tai Seng, Breadtalk IHQ, that takes pride in its fusion of modern American interiors with local comfort western & Asian foods. It's the only bar in the building and surrounding area at present.


From the Burpple community

Steak and Eggs are so classic a pairing of proteins. Don’t know bout you; fried sunny side ups are the tastiest and cheeriest simple comfort foods.
And steak done well is just such an explosion of meaty umami.

This one was cooked to medium rare. Would classify it more medium well. But for a lighter cut that still carries the barbecue char fragrances, it’s still considerably well executed!

That black pepper garlic sauce however is the star of the dish 💫 I can taste the bay leaf, the hits of pepper spice in a buttery envelope altogether.

9/10 for the sauce
8/10 over all :)


The coffee sauce is sooo delicious.
Lip smacking caramelisation not at all lacking from coffee aromatics.

The ribs being fried does tend to leave the edges drier and tougher a chew but it’s not completely dried out.

The even and thick coating of sauce is wonderful to pair.

I like the crispy thick cut salty Cajun fries and the refreshing creamy slaw for a rounded meal :)



It was crispy, pretty juicy, and sweetish SPICY.

The kind of spice that hits your chest and lingers around your upper torso area.

Good recommendation by the waiter! :)



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Meats & Malts have been around for a little while, but due to their oddly obscure location at Breadtalk IHQ, they've slipped right under the radar. Fret not, however, for your boy is here to right that wrong.

Their exquisite Bourbon & Maple BBQ Pork Ribs ($18.80++) is glazed in a subtly sweet and strikingly savory bourbon & maple syrup infused barbecue sauce that imparts a fantastic amount of flavors to the tender pork ribs, before more is dabbed on post-barbecue.

The pork ribs themselves have been BBQ-ed to porcine perfection, being moist and tender within as they slink off the bone fluidly with minimal fuss and muss. The pork combines excellently with the sticky and satisfying barbecue glaze/sauce, and it creates a truly gratifying meal that'll stick right to your ribs.


I tried their challenge and got wrecked because i took it 4 hours after i had lunch lmao so i had to pay a discounted rate of $29 for not finishing it in time, challenge ends 31 aug
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