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From the Burpple community

Mixed Vegetable ($2.50)
I ordered pan fried bitter gourd, potato slices and fried tofu with black pepper sauce. I felt that the pan fried bitter gourd was just nice, potato slices were quite soft and
waterish due to add too much water and fried tofu with black pepper sauce was quite hard on outer skin of fried tofu but spicy due to black pepper. It's quite value and
affordable meal for lunch time.

Located at 159 Mei Ling Street, unit 02-40, Mei Ling Food Centre, Singapore 140159. (Previously from Newton Food Centre)
Fried Char Kway Teow, $3. Decent portion for the price, loaded with generous ingredients of fish cake, beansprouts, eggs and cockles. We love their ratio of noodles and Kway Teow that’s well paired! Every plate is fried to little moist, not too dry and very flavourful. Yummy lunch! .
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The soup had cabbage inside but I prefer the cabbage soup frm the chicken rice stall at depot heights.

No sighting of filming in action this time round although we did spot an empty mediacorp van that was preparing to drive away.


Look at the lard, definitely made the noodles tastier. Fishball was big and super QQ. Noodles was soft, the sauce was right with a light touch of chilli. They really gave a portion that is much more than the average. Super worth it for 3 bucks.✌🏻

On a side note, I really like Mei Ling Market for the great ventilation and spaciousness.

Think succulent steamed chicken, with a thin layer of transparent jelly that gives the texture an added dimension! The rice is fragrant, not too oily &has distinct grains. Best of all, they have ginger paste other than the usual sweet soy sauce &chilli! No wonder they’ve a huge poster featuring a photo taken with ex-president Nathan.

I think it has become my favourite place to go for chicken rice. LOVE IT.

Fish Porridge

The chicken was pretty tender though it was slightly dry, which goes well with the rice that was flavourful and not too oily.