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From the Burpple community

Delicious Michelin Duck noodles in a heartland hawker center! This was my first time exploring this quaint food center. Although it's a bit inaccessible from MRT, the place is filled with GEMS like this store! This place is next to the entrance from the hdb carpark, and you can't miss it (aroma from the store's kitchen). It's a different taste profile from our local YouJi Duck noodles, but I think most will enjoy it because the sauce is so tasty, and duck meat is perfectly braised!

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Was feeling a little indulgent at lunch so I ordered the chicken cutlet noodles ($3.50)! Promptly regretted it thereafter - the chicken was crispy but tasted of stale oil, and the noodles were too alkaline for my liking. The traditional wanton noodles look better!

Settled for a bowl of dry prawn noodles with beehoon ($3.50) because the store ran out of soup AND kway teow - all before noon! The ingredients are surprisingly substantial, and I must say that the small bowl of soup I had on the side was extremely enjoyable - very robust flavour!

Was wondering why this drink stall had such a long queue, and realised after that their drinks are affordable + overheard someone complimenting the coffee! Always appreciate a good cup of ice lemon tea and this was one of those. It wasn’t overly sweet and not the kind overwhelmed by lime juice.

📍Mei Ya Coffee Corner 美雅咖啡室
Mei Ling Market & Food Centre


From the colour of the kueh, it is quite obvious that it was mass-produced in some factory and not made with the TLC of some granny in her cosy home kitchen.... The custard was too gelatinous and tasted of artificial colouring (not even artificial flavouring!) and the glutinous rice lacked any coconut fragrance. Thoroughly disappointing.

Mixed Vegetable ($2.50)
I ordered pan fried bitter gourd, potato slices and fried tofu with black pepper sauce. I felt that the pan fried bitter gourd was just nice, potato slices were quite soft and
waterish due to add too much water and fried tofu with black pepper sauce was quite hard on outer skin of fried tofu but spicy due to black pepper. It's quite value and
affordable meal for lunch time.