[CLOSED] Mellower Coffee (Robinson 77)

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The Christmas brews are here!

White Chocolate Brulee is for the sweet-tooth. Served with a butter cookie, the drink came with a thin layer of caramel brulee, with sweet coffee underneath.

Another option is the cold brew selection. This year we have 4 flavours - black, white, mocha, and matcha. The bottle is super cute and you can take it home for collectibles!

Love the quality of the coffee served here. If you like citrus type of coffee then you can definitely give this place a try 😊

Needed my coffee from all the crazy workload and courses. Both phone and body Battery running flat, grabpay not working well, got death stare by staff for “blocking” and “holding” up the Q.

Why you like that, there was only 1 couple behind me and they just arrived less than 1 minute :( sigh

So .. I asked for paper bag but it broke immediately and yes, I spilled the whole cup of HOT coffee at the table top, no staff helped me. Burn die me omg.. feeling so sad thinking about that day..

Mellower is one of those places that makes it a point to ensure the quality of each cup, and it shows through their attention to detail! The flat white ($5.80) here is extremely aromatic and the coffee give a depth of flavour with a hint of bitterness. The milk is steamed at 65 degrees, lightly sweetened and smooth with a layer of foam on top. Proportion is just right and this is one of the rare few places where the milk doesn’t overwhelm the coffee! #oldisgold

My favourite mocha and respite in CBD - and you get one for one drinks with #BurppleBeyond!
Nothing fantastic about the cake

Iced cafe latte and cappuccino; both the coffees tasted mellow & smooth with only a slight hint of bitterness. The milk paired so well with the expresso & is honestly the best coffee we had in sg. Major loves for it😍 the ambience being so good is simply another plus point