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From the Burpple community

This Rainy Weather can’t help thinking about this recently arrived Famous Kyoto Menbaka Fire πŸ”₯ Ramen!!!

Over at Orchard Cineleisure level 5, queue starts from level 1, so beware don’t just take the lift up to level 5, else you would need to re-queue for it... the very first ramen shop was opened in 1984, near Nijo Castle, by Masamichi Miyazawa, the ramen master...

The speciality of this Ramen 🍜 is, the bowl is filled with lotsa green spring onions, and the chef would put on his anti inflammatory glove and heat the onion oil - the signature negi, which will be poured in front of you very closely that you can feel the heat and flame, even my eyeliner say melting liaoz please don’t come so near... hahahaa... this dramatic scene is like once in a lifetime thingy... is pretty interesting for a live show, ramen was decent too...

There afew types of broth you can choose from, the one you guys see in this photo is vege clear broth which is much lighter and easy to consume...

At this moment I would really love a bowl of fire ramen 🍜 :)
*ps cold weather much needed

Tonkotsu Fire Ramen, $18.90 from πŸ”₯🍜 πŒπžπ§π›πšπ€πš π…π’π«πž π‘πšπ¦πžπ§ π’π’π§π πšπ©π¨π«πžβ €
β €
πŸ“8 Grange Rd, Cineleisure Orchard, unit 05-03, S 239695 ⏰ Open daily 12pm-9pmβ €
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β €
Knowing our singaporean taste bud, πŸ”₯🍜 πŒπžπ§π›πšπ€πš π…π’π«πž π‘πšπ¦πžπ§ π’π’π§π πšπ©π¨π«πž specially created Tonkotsu Fire Ramen exclusive to the Singapore outlet. Pork bone broth is flavourful, creamy and it’s not too thick for our liking. Each bowl comes with 2 slices of chashu and generous servings of freshly cut springs onions that added more flavours to it! β €
You may also opt for additional toppings like Ajitama Egg $2.50, Charred Butter Corn $3, 2pcs Chashu $3.50 or noodles $3. Any first 2 choices will be at a promotional price of $5 only. β €
β €
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A bowl of nice comforting ramen, the wow factor of the fire oil drizzling on the heaps of negi really brings out the aroma of negi well. It adds a special fragrance and smoky flavour to the soup. Not a big fan of the noodles as it is a tad too soft for my liking, but nevertheless it is still a decent bowl of ramen that reminds me of Japan. The tamago is really superb, finger licking goodπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

With all their fiery theatrics, I actually expected it to be more wok hei than it was! 😦 I think it's because the spring onions were all submerged before they poured the flaming oil on.

Food-wise, I wouldn't say it's very outstanding but still a flavourful and hearty ramen. But at this price, I would only come here once.

Try this on a weekday afternoon if you want to enjoy the show without too long of a queue. Otherwise, if you go for dinner, you'll have to wait quite a while.

Not really noteworthy, ordinary crispy chewy chicken that is a tad dry but the servingΒ citrusy sauce make a major difference to it.
🚩Menbaka Fire Ramen Singapore, 8 Grange Road, 05-03 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore 239695

The dish get its name from the preparation methods, where the chef ignite negi oil to the point of flames before pouring it over their signature broth.
The result is a char smoky broth that enhanced the flavour of broth.
Option for the fire ramen from Shoyu Fire Ramen (feature),Vegetarian Fire Ramen and Tonkotsu Fire Ramen (exclusive to the Singapore outlet).


Recommended to try the Kyoto Menbaka Fried rice and matcha beer.

Dont miss the opening promotion, enjoy 1 for 1 for all fire ramen available from 27 to 29 Nov 2020 only!

Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #05-03.

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