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Redeemed the free ramen, with no purchase needed!

Men-ichi's Kanitama ramen 🍲 has been an all-time favourite for me since my virgin try when it was still a small store along the Japanese Food Street! πŸ˜‹

Packed with lots of meaty crab meat πŸ¦€ and a huge fluffy egg, this yummy bowl of goodness is ultra value for money! πŸ’²

The thin noodles are alright and more on the harder side. The soup is very rich and flavourful and also, at the perfect spice level! 🍲

The combination is simply perfect and I crave for this beautiful bowl of Kanitama the most on rainy days like today 🌧 (Ps. There is FREE upsize for more noodles!!)

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Pork bone, chicken & sardine broth with thin noodles, char siew, half boiled egg, bamboo shoot, black fungus, onion & seaweed 》$14.90

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Miso-based pork bone broth with special spicy sauce 》$15.90/2pcs Char Siew

The spicy version tends to overpower the original tonkotsu taste. I'll prefer the non-spicy broth.

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I was abit skeptical to be honest about the crab meat that would be used in the omelette, would it be those mock meat? Nevertheless, they did not disappoint at all! As there were generous chunks of real juicy crab meat in the omelette! ❀️ A real value for money! πŸ¦€


To be honest, I'm never much of a huge char siew lover. So this ramen on the menu instantly caught my eye! It's a huge crab & mushroom omelette blanket over ramen in spicy pork broth! ❀️❀️ Say whutttt?? It's pretty close to the ultimate ramen to me as it just ticks all my boxes! Fluffy omelette βœ”οΈ, big chunks of crab meat βœ”οΈ, mushrooms βœ”οΈAND spicy brothβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ?? Oh yasssss! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯