Merci Marcel (Club Street)

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  • Lots of natural light and plants, comfortable space
  • Chic, fun French cafe in Tiong Bahru for a date or to gather the girls
  • Crab Tartine, Ceviche, French Toast, Ravioles de Royans

7-9 Club Street
Singapore 069403

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09:00am - 12:00am

09:00am - 12:00am

09:00am - 12:00am

09:00am - 12:00am

09:00am - 12:00am

09:00am - 12:00am

09:00am - 12:00am

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From the Burpple community

We visited Merci Marcel for brunch for the first time today and we decided to try something that is uniquely on the restaurant's brunch menu - the Croque Marcel! This dish is basically egg and ham on two pieces of baguette! It is not clearly shown in the picture but there is even more ham in between the two slices of bread! :)

That being said, the Bayonne ham used may be a little too salty for our local taste buds although we were surprised as we read online that such ham isn't supposed to be as salty as prosciutto! 😰 It's great that the ham is sliced so thinly because if it were too thick, it may be a little too much meat/salt for one mouthful!

To be honest, the dish is a little pricey ($25++) although that is likely because of the Bayonne ham used, which is supposed to be of a pretty decent grade. The dish wasn't outstanding in our view and there are many other better options at Merci Marcel (including their ravioli 😋)

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We thought this was an interesting item on Merci Marcel's menu as we had the impression that tuna tataki was a Japanese dish. The dish contains lightly-seared pieces of tuna, topped with cashew nuts and mixed with ginger-flavoured sauce. For $20++, you get around 7 slices of tuna and each slice of tuna was decently thick; we think it is a great appetiser for sharing!

However, our only complaint was that the ginger flavour was a little too intense and we think the dish would have been better if the restaurant watered down the ginger flavour a little. Otherwise, your taste buds will only taste the ginger and nothing else. :( Pretty interesting starter though!

Merci Marcel was rather packed on a Monday evening and it would be advisable to make a reservation if you are planning to head down in a big group. Do note that the restaurant has a two-hour dining limit for dinners and if you do not show up for your reservations, the restaurant will charge you $25 per person. 😰

Merci Marcel is pretty famous for their Tarte Flambees, which are pizzas made with especially crispy and thin crusts! The pizza crust breaks in your mouth and because it is that thin, you don't have to be afraid of becoming full from the pizza easily. The pizza base also contains a decent serving of reblochon cheese, which gives the pizza base a slightly nutty flavour and this distinguishes the pizza from those at other pizzerias in Singapore.

Despite having a lightly-salted crust, the pizza toppings are noticeably heavier in flavour. Most notably, the pizza is topped with a few pieces of smoked duck breast, which were not too tough but the taste of smoke was not really evident. For $26++, this is a pretty great dish and we would recommend you try it if you haven't!

We decided to try how Merci Marcel prepares it's beef and it was much like most other restaurants so there wasn't anything special or distinctive about it. However, the beef was a little overcooked as it tasted a little hard for Medium doneness so we were a little disappointed in that aspect. The beef was also lightly salted and some black pepper was added to it's exterior. The fries and dip are exactly the same as that in Merci Marcel's homemade fries as well.

For $30++, the dish was not remarkable and a little overpriced in our opinion and this is something we will probably not order again. ☚ī¸

Imagine yourself eating crispy seaweed for a snack - that is exactly how it feels like to be eating the baked kale chips at Merci Marcel. The kale is baked, which gives it a crispy texture, and lightly salted, to give the vegetables some flavour. The restaurant uses real kale for this dish, which gives the chips a slightly bitter aftertaste as well. Pair the kale with the balsamic vinegar mayonnaise provided, as it provides a slightly sour taste and gives more flavour to the vegetables, which would otherwise taste a little plain.

This is one of a kind in Singapore and it is definitely my first time eating kale prepared in such a way. 😋 However, depending on how you look at it, the price of $10++ for a single serving may be a little steep!

This was our first starter at Merci Marcel because you can't go wrong with fries right? The fries here are served as thick and irregularly-shaped strips of potato, which is quite distinctive from the shoestring fries served at many other eateries here. Pair the fries with the truffle mayonnaise sauce, which is both creamy and gives off the distinctive fragrance of truffle at the same time. The sauce was great and we slurped up all the sauce even after we finished the fries!

Nonetheless, for $10++, there are many other better fries out there. We would like to recommend that you save the money for the more unique dishes that Merci Marcel has to offer!