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From the Burpple community

Soft, fluffy and light. Can finish easily at one go by 1 person. Love it

Located at 531 Upper Cross Street, #02-57, Singapore 050531. Start the weekend right with these soft, fluffy cheesecake from Meruto!! The texture is just right and nice that we can’t stop indulging them! They taste even better after we fridge it... We like their version as the cheese taste n feel is not too overwhelming.. 🧀🎂 @meruto_cheesecake #hungryunicornsg #merutocheesecake #cheesecake #honglim #cheesecakes

[531 Upper Cross Street, #02-57, Hong Lim Complex] Chanced upon Meruto Cheesecake during my lunch break at Hong Lim Food Centre. Comes in flavours like Oreo, matcha but they were all sold out! So I got the original one that comes with raisins (unevenly spread so random mouthfuls have a bunch of raisins while some doesn't have them at all). Frankly I'm not a fan of the raisins in generally, especially not in my cheesecake, but G loved them together. Raisins aside, the Japanese cheesecake was very light, moist and not sweet so.. Mummy burpproves👍🏼 (+stamped cheesecakes makes her happy ide HAHAHA)


$10 each.
Fluffy classic original cheesecake baked fresh!
Overall light in taste, moist & of course very tempting!
Friendly smiling Chef!

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