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From the Burpple community

Part of the tasting menu ($238++).

Meta is short for metamorphosis and has a strong philosophy of change and evolution. Headed by Chef Sun , food here reflects this philosophy with perfect intersections between not 2, but 3 different cultures: Korean, Japanese and French!

Pictured is the Aged Sawara, served as the first dish after amuse bouche. Sawara is a top grade Japanese Mackerel, best during the winter when it’s fattest, very sweet and rich in flavour. It was aged to give it an aromatic smoky flavour.

Not only was it served with a really generous amount of caviar 😍 the yellow sauce beneath was very special, and the most memorable component to this dish, a ponzu sauce made with egg yolk. Ponzu usually goes well with sashimi, and the use of egg yolk gave this sauce an amazing silky texture that just coats the fish perfectly. What a genius!


This lunch took place barely a month after I was at @metasingapore with my friend SZ but when every meal is such a pleasure, repeating it can only be a good thing. This time it was with TH who‘d never been and was eager to go.
Snack game, as always at this One-Michelin Starred restaurant, was really strong. I found the sablé cookies, whenever they appeared, to be exceptional, like the Parmesan-flavoured one in the bite that came topped with foie gras mousse and verju gelee, and the raspberry version as petit fours at the end. The “prawns in two ways” turned out even better than when I had it previously because the texture of the brioche was lighter. Extra tasty too was the modern haemul pajeon (Korean seafood pancake).
Familiar and much-loved courses followed - the compact but richly-flavoured, uni-crowned chawanmushi, Meta’s signature Irish oysters dressed with a Korean touch and the tuna akami tartare with egg yolk jelly, crispy feuille de brick and a dome of @caviarcolony’s kaluga caviar.
After that, since I’ve had the “abalone with grains” a few times, the chefs decided to prepare something yet-to-be-launched for me. It starred a giant Irish scallop with crab sauce and chive oil and was a revelation - its simple appearance belied the overwhelming tastiness.
Then my lunch returned to regular programming as the much-talked-about Samegarei (rough skin flounder) and razor clam arrived, trailed by one of my all-time favourites at #metasingapore - the BBQ Wagyu beef with burdock rice plus a bouquet of dressed fresh salad leaves to finish up with. All flawlessly executed.
To my surprise, we had new sweet endings. The pre-dessert had multi-spice-poached pear, pear sorbet, a white cloud of ginger espuma and a sprinkle of fruity Timor Pepper from Nepal. Then a mushroom creation which I will state for the record, is my favourite dessert to date by Pastry Chefs Gail and Rachel. In that were nashi pear lightly coated in kimchi powder, cocoa soil, shiitake mushroom ice-cream, cocoa nibs snow and mini shiitake mushroom meringue. I think I have a thing for mushroom desserts so this suited me to a T.


Before we can dine out and meet our friends again on Friday, why not try Michelin-starred Meta’s Wagyu Short Rib Don ($47+) that’s only available as part of their circuit breaker menu?

The flavourful wagyu short rib that sits atop a bed of rice is so succulent and tender that it literally melts in your mouth. What makes the short rib excellent is how the meat is marinated and cooked - served medium rare as seen with the reddish brown colour of the meat.

Beyond the beef, it’s served with a runny soft boiled egg, maitake mushrooms, pickled vegetables, caramelised onions and garlic chips with spring onions for garnish.

If you’re feeling lavish, you can add a piece of foie gras ($28+) although it isn’t necessary. The foie gras was rich and buttery that elevated the taste profile of the dish. Eat it together with the wagyu and you’ll be on cloud nine. However, the portion of the foie gras didn’t really justify the price too much.

Everything perfectly complemented each other. I don’t usually enjoy eating mushrooms but the maitake mushroom is exceptionally tasty. And the rice was really fragrant and well-seasoned.

I didn’t have many beef bowls during this period but this is certainly unforgettable. The quality of food served tasted just as good as having it when you’re dining in.

Available for takeaway and delivery.

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Feature :
💕Iberico Pork Don $40
Iberico Pork, Korean Rice, Garlic Chips, Pickled Shishito, Ssamjang, Slow-cooked eggs, Kimchi .
💕 Wagyu Beef Don $47.
Wagyu Beef, Korean Rice, Garlic Chips, Maitake, Seasonal Pickle, Gobo Sauce, Slow-cooked egg .
💕Gimbap ala Carte $15.

Very happy with the meal, it's really good.
Both proteins are tender, many elements, texture and flavour in the bowl, complement one another and balance well. I can't decide which one is my favourite 😋.
Thank you cae @singaporeliciouz for special treat 😘, cant wait to meet after #circuitbreaker end.

To place order, can visit this link https://iorder.aptsys.com.sg/120/224/menu.

Delivery fee is $10 if below $100, above $100 is free delivery. .
📍Meta Restaurant.
1 Keong Saik Road.

@kieranngsweepoh’s big heart led me to try the food I‘ve been eyeing, sooner than I thought I could - the Korean dishes that Chef-owner @sunkimchi and his team have been preparing since the start of this Circuit Breaker. A few items are pretty much fixed in the a la carte menu but the Korean Heritage Set is refreshed weekly if I’m not mistaken. I was fortunate enough to have received a mix of both.
The two items from the a la carte were the big and tasty Meta Family Meal #Gimbap, also known as Korean rice rolls with tuna, egg and vegetables ($15), and the Banana Chocolate Millefeuille ($20), a crispy flaky dessert that‘s calibrated on point for richness, flavour and sweetness.
Even though it is meant for one person, the Korean Heritage Meal ($38 this week) has a few components (do follow @metasingapore’s Instagram account to be kept updated on the next Set Menu so you can pre-order). This week’s included a Botanjang (very flavourful soy-marinated raw prawns that had a tinge of salacious spiciness), Egg Jangjorim (the popular marinated runny-yolked egg), Korean Chicken Stew (a hearty, comfort food-style main dish filled with soft carrots and potatoes) and a tray of Steamed Korean rice topped with tobiko and seaweed.

If you are keen to try their Takeaway offerings (and I recommend you do), please:

Call: 6513 0898
WhatsApp: 9750 8275

Pick-up hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11.30am-9pm.


For yesterday’s Staff Takeover at One MICHELIN Starred @metasingapore, Chefs @andrewoou and @jielong_jared stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the ballpark with their limited edition, one-day-only Oriental Hainanese Chicken Rice ($38).

Presented in Melaka-style rice balls, the compressed grains were fragrant and pleasantly chewy. They were the suave Fred Astaire to the elegant Ginger Rogers of tender, juicy chicken.

The well-chosen supporting cast comprised of a Japanese Ajitsuke Tamago (the same kind of runny-yolked egg you find in a good bowl of ramen), crunchy achar, beansprouts tossed in oyster dressing and topped with century egg, as well as a bowl of Grouper fish and seaweed soup.

The closing act was a rotund donut oozing with an insanely fragrant coconut pandan kaya.

You bet we enjoyed every bite of this set meal.

Thank you again @kieranngsweepoh for the treat and @caaveeell for the link-up.

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