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Hence, most matcha-flavoured desserts are widely acceptable to non-matchaholics.

However, i was really glad to found a cafe that sells really really good matcha flavoured desserts!! They are famous for their latte series! This cafe offers 4 different types of tea leaves flavoured drink and pastries: Green tea(Matcha), Roasted green tea(Hojicha), Earl grey and Black tea.

I personslly been there twice. Hehe went for hot matcha latte (no sugar) for both times. I really love how you can customise the sweetness level: original, dark (less sugar) or no sugar. Being health conscious and also a fan of bitter matcha, no sugar is the way to go~ The hojicha tart was very disappointing tho :( i can barely taste any hojicha flavour and it felt more chocolaty. It was also very very very sweet. Hence, i removed the tart cream filling and only ate the buttery tart crust.

Overall: I would recommend the drinks from this cafe. I really feel that the drinks and desserts selections can be a hit or miss. Also the intensity of the matcha latte isnt very consistent. I felt the one i had on my first visit was more intense. Hence, do not have very high hopes when visiting this cafe. I still really like the zen and chill atmosphere of the cafe.
Matcha latte
▪️Distinctness: 4/5
▪️Intensity (bittersweet): 3.5/5
▪️Sweetness: 0/5 (Yay to no sugar)

Hojicha tart
▪️Distinctness: 0/5
▪️Intensity: 0/5
▪️Sweetness: 6/5 (made me felt diabetic)
P.s the scone in the first picture was from Panhonesta~ a vegan cafe!! It was very deliciousssss!! The best scone i have ever eaten. I love how they used coconut flour and coconut sugar. Its soooo fragrant~ i ordered the black sesame flavoured scone. The black sesame was distinct but not intense. However, i like the aroma of the coconut that accompanied it😊
Black sesame scone: 9/10


🍵💚 An underrated place imo, without much online reviews that I can find- thank goodness as otherwise I would have to struggle with a queue or ‘fight’ with a potential crowd in an attempt to secure the best lighting table🤭. Made a revisit after I saw on instagram that the tarts which I have wanted to try back then were now available, which comes in a huge size but was so good and impressive that I polished one whole portion and a beverage all by myself! 👍🏻😋 Love the solid, firm and crisp tart shell that comes with a lingering and aromatic buttery fragrance 💖. The matcha tart (made using matcha powder from Jeju) came with a surprisingly distinct earthy flavour profile, coupled with a subtle lingering bitter undertone which I adore 💚. On the other hand, the cream cheese tart was also remarkably impressive, a smooth and luscious cream cheese filling within the crisp tart shell that reminds me of a cheesecake! 💛 As for the earl grey milk tea, I opted for Dark (less sugar) which came with a characteristic floral aroma that was subtle, perfuming up the milk tea with its whiff of fragrant scent. Not too bad but I would prefer if the beverage was less milky with a more intense flavour profile. Shall stick to the safer option of Matcha latte (dark) on my next visit! 😉 . With the limited number of days left in my trip here, it’s time to plan a last return trip here before I depart from the land of Kimchi! ✨ .
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Finally found a decent matcha latte in Seoul that lives up to expectation! 🍵💚With the option of No Sugar or Dark(minimal sugar) which I opted for the latter, this is bound to satisfy all hardcore matchaholics like me 🤭. Swipe to view how the matcha milk tea is prepared, whisked on the spot upon order, giving it a vibrant dual tone of colours that’s pleasant for the sight (and sense of course)! Love the distinct earthy notes that came with a lingering bitter undertone. On the other hand, the roasted green tea milk tea (aka. houjicha latte) paled in comparison, with the roasted, earthy notes being less prominent and somewhat diluted from the copious amount of ice added. Perhaps it would be good to reduce the amount of ice or increase the intensity of Houjicha flavour here. Do not get me wrong though, it’s still good, just not good enough to satisfy hardcore tea lovers like me😅. Tarts weren’t available the other day when I came (which I heard is available now), hence we settled for the terrine, which resembled petite size brownies, thick and fudgy. The houjicha flavour was more prominent in the terrine as compared to the matcha one, with a subtle albeit lingering roasted fragrance. Matcha terrine leaned towards the sweeter side, perhaps due to the addition of white chocolate, which was more milky and less distinct in its characteristic earthy flavour profile. On a side note, the minimalistic vibes of this teahouse cum cafe interior makes it a peaceful, tea-rrific place to sit back, enjoy and chill with a cup of tea🍵! .
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