[CLOSED] Milk & Honey (OneKM)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * A Singapore owned dessert bar serving yogurt parfaits with handcrafted toppings and other artisanal desserts using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Every Cup Is An Art!

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This is the new limited edition affogato petit parfait - frozen yogurt with a shot of hot espresso and a few sticks of coffee daquoise ($4)! Perfect for coffee lovers (especially those who take their coffee w/out sugar) because you get an interesting contrast of bitter, strong espresso and cold, refreshing yogurt. ☕☕☕

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This has been my absolute favourite frozen yogurt since Jan 2015 and my love for it is still going strong!!!! 💕

Left: toffee sauce, red velvet brownies, Oreo and blueberries
Right: blueberries, strawberries, mango and green tea sauce


People compare this to llao llao but I feel that they're good in their own ways and I like both of them anyways
Side note: Got called back on a supposed stand down day but managed to claim it on wed so yay for a long weekend 🎉🎉

Yum yum yogurt with great toppings for the sweet tooth. The amount given is generous and worth every bit. Good for yogurt and dessert lovers.


All-time favourite frozen yogurt! Love that it's not overly creamy but more on the tangy + refreshing side, and doesn't leave you feeling extremely full. 👍


Milk & Honey serve artisan yogurts at slightly upscale prices as compared to the usual froyos in Singapore. Their unique toppings to choose from definitely speaks for the higher price that you are paying. Choose from homemade macaroons, baked goods to fresh fruits and so much more. Come on, how often do you see macarons as a yogurt toppings. And i've got to say, they can bake damn mean macarons and almond tuiles!