Milk and Honey is a dessert-lovers haven where the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary, in a spirit of joy.

2 Bukit Batok West Avenue 7
Singapore 659003

10:00am - 10:00pm

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Reviews at Milk & Honey Gelato (Bukit Batok HomeTeam NS)

Reviews of good food at Milk & Honey Gelato (Bukit Batok HomeTeam NS)

- Milk & Honey Gelato @ Bukit Batok Hometeam NS.

I can never go wrong with this perfect combination - Crispy quaffles with double scoops of Milk & Honey Gelato and maple syrup topped with blocks of honeycomb. 😍


No amount of words can describe my πŸ’› for this Crispy Quaffles with Double Scoops of Milk & Honey Gelato drizzled with Maple Syrup... ... #burpple

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Not to be confused with Milk & Honey Gelato, this dessert palour at Hometeam NS serves ice cream, drinks, some savoury dishes and donut waffles.

Berry Malt is a scoop of malted ice cream resting on a mini donut, topped with flaky pastry and strawberry pieces. It works.

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Don't confuse this with Milk & Honey Frozen Yogurt - this is Milk & Honey Gelato, with only 2 outlets: Bukit Batok (HomeTeamNS) & Bedok.

Service was a tad bit slow, but the Quaffles (+$3 for half, +$5 for whole) & delicious ice cream more than made up for it. As with most gelato places, you can try flavours before you commit to buying them - I had the Shy Green Nut (pistachio) & Earl Grey Bergamot. Strong flavours, & there were actual nutty bits in the former! Will definitely be back; already have a loyalty card in my wallet, ready to be used.

πŸ’΅ Cash & NETS only
🌬 Air-conditioned seats
πŸ’¦ Self-service water in plastic cups
🚫 No WiFi

You know he loves it when we traveled some distance down just for this shy green nut. The unique pistachio based gelato was completed with cunchy belgium chocolate bits that leave your taste buds craving for more. ($4.95 after safra discount). Nice ambiance and perfect for a sweet talk. P.S. Tonight we've jaychou's songs playing in the background


I just can't say no to it. And indeed it taste good! πŸ˜‰

Milk and Honey at Hometeam NS! Saw some of you recommending it and I was keen to try. This is my first visit.. had the waffles with two ice creams - Nutella and Milk+Honey.
I love it. First and foremost the gelato which is rich, creamy and chewy. Milk and honey came with honeycombs! Waffles was crispy, not exactly fluffy inside but definitely not dry either. Additional $5 for the waffles which I thought was reasonable.
They serve other interesting desserts as well. It'll be my new favorite dessert place (other than my new fav Nunsongyee at Bukit Timah, will post that another time).

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The doughnut waffle is crispy on the outside, like a perfectly toasted crust of fresh butter cake. The fluffy inside was filled with cheese and created this multidimensional layered texture with each bite: crunchy, sweet, salty, smooth yet fluffy. The sweet-sour mango compote, passion fruit coulis and the sorbet cleanses yr tastebuds in preparation for ur yr next mouthful of goodness!
Rating : 4.1/5 (Bonus points for the price!)
Worth the calories: definitely a great cheat day dessert for those who are always on a diet!
Once again, thank you @milkandhoneygelato for hosting and @rachaelwong for inviting!

Review by: VP, @shermdabest

Hang in there for the weekends and have brunch at @milkandhoneygelato πŸ˜‚ .
Favourite poached egg item would be {Eggs Royale}, all poached eggs item comes with the same ingredients, just variations of smoked salmon, spinach or meat.
#milkandhoneygelato #hometeamNS #rachyyadverts

Overall acidity was well regulated & I dare say this is definitely my favourite out of all their dessert creations I’ve tried that day.
P.S. Temporary hiatus due to exams, will be back soon! Meanwhile, do add me on snapchat (zephbz)!

Donut waffle with caramelised banana slices, butterscotch, crumble and terribly good salted caramel gelato. There's apparently some salted egg yolk in the mix, but it really didn't add anything to the dessert, which was overall quite sweet and I'd say strictly for those with a saccharine tooth.


Served only at the Bukit Batok outlet, if you're staying nearby you can consider dropping by for their affordable brunch and maybe grab a cup of gelato thereafter πŸ˜‰


Goat cheese’s typically a yay or nay for some people, but those who don’t fancy it can still order this as you can easily have it removed without worrying about the sensitive flavour.

It sounds interesting with the grilled nanas, salted caramel, and salted egg biscuits; but in the end the flavours ended up overpowering one another, resulting in dessert that's neither here nor there. Biscuits tasted intrusive (salted egg and salted caramel do NOT go well together), and waffle was so tiny I could barely taste it. The deal breaker really was how maddeningly sweet it all was. Way too much salted caramel for one, so every bite was overwhelmingly sweet.

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well, the verdict is as any (bad) review of the much anticipated bvs: dawn of justice. and refresh me, isnt gelato suppose to be more slow-to-melt milkiness compare to its cousin ice-cream? perhaps going with no expectations like how i caught bvs will leave me more gratified. p.s crumbs by the side was a little stale

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