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I love all things taro & I enjoyed this a lot, albeit it's slightly pricey at $5.60 a cup. Sorry for the slightly dark photo, the lighting wasn't very good at where I was seated.

It wasn't too sweet (you can't choose the sugar level for this) and the taro pieces were very fragrant. Personally I also find it not too milky, which is nice for me!

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For once, very deep taro milk. The taro bits, I could tell, were top quality too. Still, you pay for what you get, in this case more than $5 for a regular size.

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They ran out of the infamous Fresh Taro Milk, hence I got this after being enticed by my sheer assumption of 100% Valhorna chocolate content. However it was so so diluted. I barely tasted anything, just water, even after I stirred it so many times (I hope it was the correct way of mixing yeah? Because till I finished the drink there was no part with chocolate overload) I might come back just to try the taro milk, but if I want some chocolatey goodness, this will not be the place.
In frame: Valhorna 100% Cocoa Milk [$4.80]

Hmmmmm. The pearls were good but that was all. They only had 4 items on the menu so we had to go with this cause we weren't a fan of the rest. Tbh not worth it because the fresh milk didn't taste special and I think there are places with equally good pearls and more drink choices.

I liked that they gave out free reusable cup holders though.

Honestly, nothing special.
I rather stick to Liho or Gongcha for Earl Grey Milk Tea.

If you’re going to try milksha our I recommend going for their more signature drinks instead of picking out the more common ones.

Might have been a little overrated, as I felt that there was nothing much to shout about for their drink. This Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk was essentially just chocolate milk that’s more fragrant and less sweet 🤷🏼‍♀️⁣⁣