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Orange green tea is refreshing! Black sesame milk tasted a little like black sesame paste in milk and I like it!!

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Using matcha specially imported from Izumo Tousuien and 100% natural milk, the Azuki Matcha Milk has a very well balanced bittersweet flavour, with the soft azuki beans adding a nice bite and subtle sweetness to the drink.


We had wheat tea latte with honey pearls ($4.80). I really love this drink and the pearls!! The roasted wheat flavour is different to normal black and green tea 😍 (wanted to try the sesame azuki milk but it was sold out)

Azuki in milk, gives a different texture to the drink. 😋
Milksha uses 100% natural fresh milk and honey pearls freshly cooked then airflown frozen using quick freeze technology to maintain the texture and taste consistency of each pearl! 😮

Features matcha specially imported from Izumo Tousuien. Matcha is first chilled then directly airflow to Singapore!


Uses premium Valrhona cocoa from France. Every sip is sweet, rich and addictive. One of my favourite 😋

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