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[CLOSED] Mini Melts

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Fell in love with these minimelts icecream on Korea trip. Tried more flavour in SG, think classic are the best chocolate and strawberry. Fruity and cheese was mehhh. And these serving caps are cute but not environment nor price friendly.. I kept my cups maybe put to recycle. #minimelts #mini #icecream #foodsg #burpple #igsg

Wishlist down...!😍
This used to be in a vending machine outside century sq..my fav! I don't rmmbr it being this expensive the last timeπŸ˜…

Double flavor @ $7.90
Lemon limeπŸ‘ + double chocolate
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[$7.90] Didn't grow up with Mini Melts so it's my first time trying this really cute and pretty ice cream. Really like that their ice creams are in these tiny ball shapes which are really unique, plus there are tons of cool flavours to choose from! πŸ‘…
The only negative side is that they're a bit overpriced πŸ˜•

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Major throwback to childhood! Missed these so much ever since they suddenly disappeared a long time ago. Albeit pricey, I had so much fun eating it in the cute cap that's going to be the new sweets holder on my desk. The sorbet-like Rainbow Ice was refreshing and icey while in contrast, the Cookies & Cream was creamy and similar to the usual ice cream. Definitely can't beat the ones I had when I was little but it sure brought back loads of memories!


If you're old enough to remember eating Mini Melts in your childhood, then you're in for a nostalgic treat. Claimed to be the smallest nitrogen ice cream in the world, the tiny, frozen beads come in ten flavours, from classic Double Chocolate to tropical Pineapple Orange. As its name suggests, these tiny ice cream balls melt in the mouth. The Regular cup ($5.50) only gets you one flavour, so we highly recommend going for the Combo Cap ($7.90), which allows you to pair two flavours.
Avg price: $6 per person
Photo by Burppler Hwans Lim


Single cup; 1 flavor ($5.50) Combo Cap; 2 flavors ($7.90) I got the rich & creamy Double Chocolate as well as the tropical sweet & sour Rainbow Ice. I really liked the rainbow ice 🌈🌈 as the texture unlike the creamy Double Chocolate, was more icy, sorbet-like which made it really refreshing to eat. The beautiful rainbow colors made it even better! 🍭 Really enjoyed this tho it did feel abit pricey for such a small cup.