Monga Fried Chicken (Jem)

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艋舺ㄟ雞排 Taiwanese style Fried Chicken is one of the most renowned street snacks of Taiwan. Monga Fried Chicken embedded the spirit of Monga into the traditional street snack and revolutionized this favourable snack of all times. Fresh chicken fillets are marinated with honey, dipped in batter instead of dry flours, and fried to perfection so that every bite of Monga Fried Chicken is thick, juicy and tender at the same time.

50 Jurong Gateway Road
#B1-K10 Jem
Singapore 608549

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11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

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From the Burpple community

@mongasingapore NONO’s Fav 3x3 Snack Box has launched exclusively to Singapore!
This snack box consist of NONO’s favourite snacks:
▪️Shoestring Fries
▪️Fried Oyster Mushroom
▪️Fried Chicken Skin
3 new sauces have also been launched to go along with these sides
▪️Fries with Mentaiko Mayo
▪️Fried Oyster Mushroom with Mexican Spicy
▪️Chicken Skin with Nacho Cheese.
Debuting at 40% OFF, you can get this snack box for only $9.90 (u.p. $16.50) available in all of Monga Singapore outlets at Jem, ION Orchard, and SingPost Centre from 1 Nov to 1 Dec 2020.
#mongasingapore #burpple #burpplesg

💵: $6.90

🤔: If only all fried chicken were this good.....
Marinated all the way through, but why was the chilli powder only on one side of the chicken....

It’s probably one of the closest fried chicken found here that doesn’t disappoint and reminds me of those in Taiwan. Humongous, generally larger than my hand, thick slab, easily bitten and torn off while retaining its juiciness. And as much as the bones of the cutlet cause inconvenience, they somehow contribute to authenticity.

We had the flavored ones; Hot chick made of chilli paprika powder hand-made from Anaheim peppers. It was a burst of saltiness initially, but the spiciness slowly crawls in and lingers on. People who have low levels of spicy tolerance, do be careful! The Taiker, on the other hand, was more like a Japanese flavor as it was dusted with Japanese sauce and seaweed powder imported from Okinawa. It was actually not bad as the seaweed powder exudes a marine flavor that cuts the plain meatiness, pairing with a slightly sweet Japanese sauce. However, it got a little mundane and I was glad to have it shared.

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Honey was used to marinate the chicken meat, which made the meat tender and elevate the taste.
The Taiker, chicken was seasoned with seaweed powder. Each fillet is coated with flour, before being double-fried to give it it a crust-like crunch with less greasiness.

Been noticing a snaking queue at JEM basement for awhile now, finally had the chance to get this. It was well marinated and flavourful despite the huge portion, great protein serving for replenishment after a hard work out


Pretty good taste Capture of the Taiwan’s version of their 辣妹鸡排($6.90). You can get a set for under $10.

I haven’t tried other versions and think as Long as they are chicken chops it’s worth trying. but you can probably give their mushrooms (too thickly Coated with flour) and the crispy chicken part ($5.90, and not as flavourful as the chicken chops) a miss.