Rooted in the spirit of Southern hospitality, this updated American restaurant and bar is best known for its signature Sticky Bones - mouth-watering pork ribs slow-cooked to tender perfection.
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1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-51A VivoCity
Singapore 098585

11:00am - 12:00am

11:00am - 12:00am

11:00am - 11:00pm

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Half-rack of smoky sweet Kansas-BBQ ribs. If you like classic ribs in BBQ sauce, this will be one down your alley. The succulent meat has a smoky flavour with sweetness and at the edges, comes with a caramelised char on the exterior. Apparently the newest flavour in their collection. Ain't a born rib lover, in fact only started having it a few years back, but I liked that the meat wasn't dry. For flavours, I preferred the other more savoury flavour - Asian spicy.
Glad to finally tick the ribs from this place off my list, after hearing so much about it. $27.90 for half and 2 sides, which is enough for 2 in my opinion. Must try the corn bread as well. Bottom line: good place if you want a rib fix. Better than another known chain T that's been around.

The most tender & hearty pork ribs in town! Slow-cooked with hickory smoke, grilled & basted with Hickory BBQ sauce. Served with French Fries & coleslaw 》$27.90 / Half Slab

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Loaded with garlicky goodness, tangy, sweet & spicy. The succulent concoction will satisfy all your garlic cravings. Served with French Fries & Coleslaw 》$27.90 / Half Slab

Few months ago I was recommended by the restaurant manager to try the Honey Rum Sticky Bones (S$45.90 for full slab), but back then I was still very obsessed with their peppercorn. Months after just before this limited period item is taken down from the menu, I finally had a taste of it.

What I really like about this ribs is that it has a pleasantly sweet but not overwhelming taste, thanks to the honey glazed ribs. It is definitely a different experience that I do not reject.

If the management of Morganfield's read this, can you please bring the Honey Rum Sticky Bones back to us very soon? Better still, reintroduce it as part of your regular menu! I love it!


Corn tortilla chips baked with mozzarella cheese that have a satisfying crunch, you'll love. Loaded with tender pulled ribs, housemade Chilli Con Carne, corn salsa, green olives before finishing off with a dollop of sour cream. So hearty, it’s almost a meal on its own!


Spicy Asian BBQ Spare Ribs really tender and well marinated with spices.

Marinated with spicy Tequila, lime, paprika. Meat is juicy and surprising not dry. And served with herb Roasted Potatoes.

I could definitely say the exact thing for this Morgan's Rib Sampl3r platter ($122.90) - 3 half slabs of their famous Sticky Bones that comes with grilled corn, sausages, fries, salad and homemade corn bread!!! Definitely easily feed 3-4 people, so jio your fellow carnivorous friends and sit down for a feast!
This was a hosted tasting by @morganfieldssingapore, thank you @juliuslim for extending the invite 🙇🏻‍♀️


Three kind of meat platters to choose from that's best share among 3-5 friends. Just take your pick and get either The Carnivore ($98.90), Ocean Feast ($119.90) or Morgan's Rib Sampl3r ($122.90)

The latter is the meatiest of all, as you get not one but THREE half slabs of Sticky Bones 😱Served with grilled sausages, grilled corn, french fries, garden salad & homemade corn bread. These tender spare pork ribs come in 4 flavours: classic Hickory BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn, Garlic BBQ or Spicy Asian BBQ. You'll never go wrong with Hickory but Garlic was a close second for me with tangy and spicy combi.

The reason why I like Pork Ribs in the St Louis style is that I get to enjoy slow-cooked and tender meat with tangy BBQ sauce, and that whole slab of ribs on the plate is already impressive enough.

And Morganfield's Sticky Bones hardly disappoints me with their variety of pork ribs. In particular, the Garlic BBQ Sticky Bones (S$41.00 for a full slab) incorporates garlic bits into the BBQ sauce, giving more flavour to the meat without overwhelming me. The bones can be taken out easily so it's pretty easy to cut and eat it.

The full slab is definitely good for sharing between two persons.


Total Bill, $84. (2 Half slab pork ribs, Chilli Loaded Nachos)

Double thumbs up to their Chilli Nachos chips! Filled with meat and cheese 😻💯 Very crispy even when we were finishing our entire meal.
Hazelnut Pork Ribs was soooooo good but sadly they are only available during festive season :-(
But their pork ribs are SO FULL OF MEAT??????? So much so we couldn't even finish it and find it such a waste!!!! A definite yes to go if you're a fan of Pork Ribs!

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the food here is amazing will def be back again if there’s another promo 👍🏻 #westernfood #morganfields #morganfieldssingapore #burpple

With my "double serving of French fries pls"😆. #porkrib #morganfieldssingapore #morganfieldsg #burpple #burpplesg


Morganfield's will never disappoint.

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