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From the Burpple community

primrose farms pork jowl char siew, herbal soya sauce, pork kimchi wonton, wonton noodle, jalapeño chili sauce

(Part of the Weekly Rotating Noodle Set $28)

pickled carrots, osmanthus dashi, black raisin purée

(Part of the Weekly Rotating Noodle Set $28)

When a big group of us visited Morsels for lunch on Sunday, Chef-owner Petrina kindly brought out their newest creation at the end of our meal to let us have a taste.
Meet the “Duck Kut Teh”, which is available from yesterday until the 24th of February. The latest addition to Morsel’s rotating noodle of the week, it is an embodiment of her new direction in focusing on one meat each time.
What you get to enjoy here is soft, silky “mee sua” served in a delicate but flavourful broth made from red and green Sichuan peppercorns plus white pepper. Toppings include the starring meat of the week in two forms - as a whole duck thigh that’s been cooked in the same stock till very tender, and a crispy “cigar” stuffed with fragrant shredded duck meat. You can also find a few pieces of thick and bouncy beancurd skin prepared Sichuan-style in rose wine, vinegar and soya sauce in the bowl as well. As you can probably tell, there’s a wonderful mix of textures to excite the mouth with every bite. On the side is a very appetising dip of “kicap manis”, dark soya sauce, garlic and chilli padi. I loved splashing loads of it over the “mee sua”.
If you are a fan of duck, this would be a most ideal dish for you.


A signature here, the Milo Tiramiso has a neat little twist on a beloved classic dessert.
Not only does it incorporate Milo, a familiar local favourite from our childhood but also carries a subtle savoury note from the addition of Shiro Miso, the “white” variety of the Japanese fermented soya bean paste that is known to be milder as well.
It’s not too alcoholic or mushy like some. Instead, it holds up quite well and despite being light, can be rather filling due to its fuller body. Because the serving is large, I would recommend sharing it.


We came here for the special Wonton Mee (which exceeded expectations!) but the two snacks which preceded it, put on quite a show. Especially the first - a beef tartare with a very cleverly done southeast asian twist.
Cradled in an airy-light pulut hitam cracker was a generous mound of raw minced beef that’d been cured in a housemade rendang paste for a few days. Garnished with tiny bits of fermented green radish, raw onions, shaved cured egg yolk and chives, this was fiercely beautiful on the palate. I was in awe.


Clicking open the eDM from @morselsinsingapore caused me a serious case of “heart eyes” accompanied by a side of racing pulse. Their “Wonton Mee”, a noodles special for the week, looked too enticing to miss. So I made like an aerodynamic packet of tissue and reserved via Chope.
Some might baulk at the $28++ price tag but I say this set is worth every damn cent because aside from the egg noodles which are custom-made by a trusted supplier according to Chef-owner Petrina’s specifications, the rest of the ingredients are produced in-house by her and her team. Needless to say, tastiness is unequivocally next level.
Laid on the fine strands of noodles which have been tossed in pork lard oil, mirin and herbal soya sauce is a neat arrangement of juicy, tender slow-cooked pork jowl “char siew”, wontons filled with kimchi-flavoured minced pork, blanched greens and crispy pork lard.
If you can take the heat, mix in all of the green paste served on the side. Created from jalapeños, local chillies, parsley and fresh lime juice, it spikes the contents of your bowl into a fragrant, mouthwatering and very spicy pleasure.
Everyone knows #wontonmee must come with a bowl of soup and Morsels’ take is a luxuriously thick, MSG-free chicken broth so delicious it will have you wishing for more.
If you are keen to try this dish, do note it is available till the 18th of Feb but will return in March due to the rotation basis of Morsels’ noodles menu. I recommend following their Facebook or getting on their emailing list to be kept updated.