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Specializing in Batang fish as the store name goes, it serves one kind of fish - the Spanish Mackerel or more commonly known as batang locally. Offering many carb options to go with the soup such as ban mian, bee hoon (thick or thin), noodles (all kinds) and also offering the tom yum option. The fish slices are sliced thickly which gives it a good bite. Minimally processed, it allows one to taste its freshness - though this varies at times. The soup has a nice umami too. My go-to place for fish soup.

Price: $4

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To be honest, I seldom crave for fish soup as I generally lean towards more 重口味 food. I decided to try the the Assorted Soup with Ee Mee ($4.50) from Mr Batang Fish @ 96 (Amoy Street Food Centre #02-96) and it turned out to be surprisingly good! Maybe it should not have been such a surprise given the snaking lunchtime queue in front of the stall😅 I like that there is a good variety of ingredients compared to the usual fish soup, such as Batang slice fish, minced meat, prawns and vegetables. The fish is fresh, the prawns are crunchy and the clear looking soup is actually very flavourful. The tangy chilli ties up everything together with an extra oomph. Shall try the Tom Yum soup next time!

Mr Batang @96 is open at Amoy Street Food Centre. Nice sweet broth with fresh fish slices, prawns and mince (Assorted seafood $4.50). Top up $1 for fried fish. The lady even gave me a “gold ingot” for good luck! Me? I gave her digital money, so she didn’t need to get hands dirty. .
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