73 Circular Road
Singapore 049427

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11:00am - 10:30pm

11:00am - 10:30pm


11:00am - 10:30pm

11:00am - 10:30pm

11:00am - 10:30pm

11:00am - 10:30pm

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From the Burpple community

Al-dente pasta in special shoyu based aglio olio; taste surprisingly light but slightly bland; not salty & garlic taste is mild; good option to balance out the creaminess from miso-nara pasta; beef slices are thin & slightly tough to chew, but acceptable; would prefer the meat to be more marinated or maybe more salt & pepper as taste quite bland..

Al-dente pasta in special miso based carbonate; sauce is rich & creamy with distinct miso taste; flavorful, unique & not salty; topped with roasted garlic slices, sunflower seeds, sesame & spring onions; salmon belly is very tender & soft, no fishy taste; taste good with the lightly torched mentaiko sauce; best for sharing as the miso sauce gets slightly surfeiting towards the end..

Thick & big piece of unagi over a bed of soft fluffy rice; unagi is tender & soft to bite, sauce is not salty; with truffle aroma but taste is very mild; with crunchy broccoli, carrot slices & pickles at the side..

12 Apr’22, Tue🌀
πŸ“Mr Samurai (Circular Road)
- Mentaiko Smoked Salmon Belly Don (Junior)🍱
- Hot Green Tea🍡

Like the aburi salmon belly taste, sweetness from the charred broccoli & carrot, savoury taste from the mentaiko & teriyaki sauce, and the crunchiness from the fried garlic, this bowl of Don was filled with greatness~

Am surprised that the junior portion was already good enough for an adult, satisfying meal really~

A quiet and cosy Jap restaurant, the svc was also good, staff was friendly, refilled our green tea without us asking, and even though we were done with our dinner!

Would recommend this place!

Damage: $15.90 (no svc charge & GST)

Mr. Samurai specialises in Japanese-inspired pastas and rice bowls and it is fairly popular amongst the lunch crowd in the CBD! We ordered the Truffle salmon sashimi rice bowl, which contains freshly-prepared slices of salmon sashimi atop short-grained Japanese rice. These were served alongside carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and pickles. The most distinctive feature of this dish, however, would be the strong aroma of truffle oil emanating from it!

We loved the rice bowl as it was really flavourful and it is a pretty good choice for those of us who are trying to avoid fried food! The serving size was just right and we think that the price of $17 was reasonable. Do be prepared to wait for a seat as the restaurant isn't particularly large; otherwise seize the opportunity if it is a rainy day as the lunch crowd at Circular Road will generally be less crowded on those days.

Directly behind Changi City Point lies the changi business park, where Mr Samurai is. I wasn't much from this restaurant as it was way too quiet, but the quality of food they delivered surpassed most Japanese eateries.

I ordered the chicken kaarage curry rice ($5.5 for daily special), and the chicken kaarage was the winner of the dish. The chicken was way crispier than most fried chicken branches, and the meat within was really juicy. The rice given was of a good amount, and the curry was of good quality.

Overall its a hidden gem in the Changi Business Park, and its great to go if you work there.