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[CLOSED] Munch SaladSmith (Robinsons 112)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Munch Saladsmith is the finest purveyor of healthy Salads & Rotisserie with a cult following. Emerging from the bustling CBD of Singapore with a "bang", keep a lookout for many more outlets due to spring up in 2014!


From the Burpple community

Instead of choosing ingredients to create your own salad, you pick prepared salads over here. $8.30 for a choice of two, and i topped up $1.30 because the chicken salad was a premium option. I initially thought that it wont be sufficient for lunch because the serving isnt huge. Turned out to be wrong. However, that's probably because the chicken salad is protein rich (it's really mostly chicken). So if you pick a meatless salad, I still think it won't be substantial enough to fill you up.

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No carbs! Just protein!! Eat no evil is their slogan! And with a juicy roasted chicken with a thin and crispy skin! This is hard to resist! I even choose to get broccoli with almond flakes and wild mushroom rather than a pasta or potato salad *pat on the back for me* eating HEALTHY isn't always boring!


With the huge slab of salmon and generous servings of sides, it seems more like a main dish with 2 sides rather than a salad. With 4 meats and 30 different side "salads" to choose from, this is a very easy way for non-salad-eaters to start learning how to eat "salads". Somehow I was given much more than my 2 male colleagues by the female server. Haha

Bland rösti. The dory doesn't match the dish, it tastes like it would go better with fishball soup and rice. Disappointing, but at least their wraps are fantastic.

Grass feeding at Munch

Healthy Munch Salad for #tuesday #lunch with Bacon pasta, Kidney beans, Brussel sprouts, Salmon Greens! What's the bacon 🐷 and salmon 🐟 doing on the plate?!! Suppose to be all GREENs 🍃 haha 😋