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Munch (One Raffles Place)

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At Munch, we only serve what we'd gladly eat ourselves. We promise you'll EAT NO EVIL. We make healthy and delicious a byword in everything we do. That and extra fast convenience for the busy gourmet in all of us.

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at Munch (One Raffles Place)
Plain Rosti
SAVE ~$8
Dory with Salad
SAVE ~$11
Dory Salad & Can Drink (Dinner Set)
SAVE ~$14
Chicken Salad & Can Drink (Dinner Set)
SAVE ~$13
SAVE ~$4
SAVE ~$4


From the Burpple community

Fresh out of the oven, the roasted chicken thigh which had a lovely caramelized skin, was also great. 

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/one-raffles-place/


Taste ok at 11.90$. Better options elsewhere though ah this price. Chicken kinda dry( yeah it’s breast but...)

Okie, at least try once :)

The food may be ok but it’s not good value, unless you have Entertainer or 1-for-1 discount voucher.

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My all time fave rosti is definitely from Marche.
While this cannot match up to its standard in terms of the crispness, it is still a cheap and fuss free option since there’s always no queue here.

The fish fillet was slightly bland and the sausage was pretty alright.

Love the roasted chicken breast with chicken caesar salad and pasta!

Large and tasty chicken thigh, coupled with cheesy tomato pasta which packs more flavour than I expected.