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From the Burpple community

Bad af photo but burpple is my personal food diary so just posting this to remind myself to come back.

Matcha red bean and original peanut pancake 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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Not a bad fan of MJK as they tend to make the pancake stack too thick, dense and not very flavourful with little fillings BUT munchi delights truly stands out. The pancake was fluffy and enjoyable to eat. Fillings were delicious, rich and generous too.

10/10 would eat again.


Third time back at @munchidelights but the first time using @burpple beyond for it! My favourite min jiang kueh because they have many interesting flavours! Not just original min jiang kueh with peanut / coconut fillings. I love these charcoal and matcha mee jeng kueh! Although the matcha/ charcoal taste is very slight, but colourful makes me happy! I love the sweet coconut shreds and also their peanut fillings, which is more like peanut butter texture rather than just dry chopped peanuts with sugar. 1 for 1 with burpplebeyond so i paid $1.30 for 2 pieces!

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Quality of pancakes is consistent! I think my fav combi here is the green tea pancake with red bean filling - the green tea gives a slight, subtle bitterness that complements the red bean. I like it better than the original pancake as it’s something different from other mjk stalls.

The charcoal pancake didn’t really make a difference I feel. And the black sesame was rly too much for us, it’s very dense and heavy, not in a good way, was rather cloying. Granted, it wasn’t very sweet, but I think something more similar in texture to tangyuan filling would be more palatable. We had some difficulty trying to finish this so we’ll be sticking to the red bean :p

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Had munchi a couple of times and while it’s not bad, I wouldn’t go as far to call it the best mjk. The pancake itself is chewy and has nice bubbles/holes which is indicative of nice structure, but it’s not as soft as Tanglin halt mjk / granny’s pancake which I prefer. This one gives a bit more resistance when biting into it. The fillings were decent, I like their red bean (they have a good supplier) but coconut could be juicier.

Honestly, this didn’t impress me. I think the hype around Munchi Delights is due to its easy availability for delivery on online platforms, and its interesting flavours. However the pancake dough itself is mediocre, and doesn’t have the fragrance or texture of, say, Granny’s Pancake. I usually am delighted to get this part of the pancake where you get a mix of soft dough and crisp crust, but this crust was tough and chewy, not crisp at all.

Although there are supposed to be a variety of skin flavours and a variety of fillings, when I went there was only the original skin and 3 types of fillings available. The lotus biscoff filling is nice but really, you could just buy the jar of biscoff spread.

Overall, it’s an average pancake. It’s ok if you want a pancake and this is the closest you have, but I wouldn’t travel for it.

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