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My Little Spanish Place (Bukit Timah)

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Founded in March 2010 and located in the Bukit Timah neighbourhood in Singapore, My Little Spanish Place is inspired by the ‘meson’, a typical home-style restaurant often found in Spanish regions. Its philosophy is based on the Spanish saying, “Mi Casa es Su Casa”, which means “My House is Your House”. The first Spanish restaurant to be helmed by two chefs with strong Spanish heritage – Maria Sevillano from Salamanca, Spain and Edward Esmero from Philippines, it boasts a full-fledged menu of Spanish home-style dishes and desserts. It also offers Singapore’s most complete Jamon Bar and a Spanish ‘Despensa’ (pantry).


From the Burpple community

Anchovies for SGD15. As per photo, it was tin can anchovies with 4 little pieces of pepper. Also ordered prawn- taste like Chinese fry prawn soaked in oil, and pork, which was dry. This used to be one of my favourite restaurants...dunno what happened sigh

Exceptional dining experience at this restaurant. Delicious food, nice ambiance, reasonable priced. Fine dining at very reasonable and affordable price. 👍👍👍


Another tapas that I think is worth ordering (and reordering) here is the prawns in garlic oil.
On the night we had a family gathering there, the prawns were plump, firm and sweet and the oil they came in, heavy and silky. Bread was provided to be dunked in the oil. The presence of dried chillies and garlic in there was more of a quiet base note than something loud and sharp. So yes, subtle it may have been but tasty it was for sure.


Clam-lovers, this is a safe bet. The simple looking soupy sauce is flavourful and the clams we were served that night were decent - quite fleshy and fresh.
I also like that instead of charging separately for bread, the restaurant automatically includes a few pieces with the clams. These are balanced on top of the shellfish and are best eaten dunked in the hot broth.

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I was taken aback at how delicious this dish was. The meatballs had the right texture that leaned towards the soft and were perfectly seasoned. It just so happen the tomato gravy they came in was equally good as it had been calibrated to a balanced tanginess.


Our table of twenty-one adults made short work of this pair of roasted suckling pigs. And as glorious as their golden brown skin looks in my photo, the flesh beneath was the star for most of us. It was magnificently juicy and soft beyond measure, slipping off the bones faster than you can say “Suck”.
The skin was done very crispy but perhaps because I am more familiar with the Chinese style of roasted suckling pigs, I found this a tad chewy.