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From the Burpple community

With a variety of flavors available, I ordered the green tea flavor which turns out decent. Though it’s slightly too milky, with just a tiny hint of green tea, I can’t fault it for its economic pricing, especially when it’s located in the touristy spot. There’s two different store so do look out for this store that’s selling at 2,000 instead of 2,500.

Gyeran-ppang or Egg Bread (2000w), actually the texture filled more like an egg cake! Best when it is piping hot - bread will be fluffy with flowy egg! Not really super fantastic but really good to have in the cold weather


The street food at Myeongdong is getting more varied.
Anyway, I filmed some of these in winter, some in summer though the stalls are more or less the same, with some different offerings, esp the fruit stalls.
Hope you enjoy this compilation of Myeongdong Street Food! #DFDSeoul

Here's 50 of them. Maybe more than that. Seoul Delicious, Seoul Daebak!
Which is your Favourite?
Read more about them here >


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My Friend was asking, "How come the street hawker also so good looking?" You see and let me know lah.
Anyway, what is this Street Food called? Too distracted by the fire, so forgot to take notes.
It's vegetables wrapped in meat. #DFDSeoul

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Sounded so expensive but crowded with young gals. Bland in taste.