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From the Burpple community

Chicken Kway Teow Noodle Soup: $6
Thick Tom Yum with Kway Teow Noodles: $6

The Kway Teow Soup was pretty yummy though a tad sweet. Reminded me of kway chap soup. The Tom Yum was definitely the star with a delightful lemongrass kick! Sour and spicy without being overpowering. Built up a sweat while eating. The portions were generous and near overflowing. The noodles were on the chewier side which I liked. The seafood was pretty fresh but sparse.

πŸ₯„πŸ₯„ Overall: 8/10.

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Taking over the now defunct Yellow Submarine, is Nagara Thai! Their first outlet is located at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 (which I happened to stumble upon previously).

They serve up authentic Thai dishes, where you get your usual suspects such as Tom Yum Goong, Phad Thai and Basil Fried Rice.

I loved the fact that they offered the fried tang Hoon & mama phad kimao (aka stir fried Maggie) because that’s exactly what you’d get in Thailand as well!

Their noodles came with a strong wokhei flavour which was perfect with every bite. At $6, you get a prawns, calamari, loads of bean sprouts and tons of flavour.

The lunch and dinner crowds have been picking up and seems to draw a huge crowd, comparable to popular chains like Nakhon.


Chance upon this new shop for lunch and immediately jio-ed colleague to try out.

From top to bottom:
Thai fried bee hoon ($6), SF Tomyum Nam Sai Clear ($6), White rice ($1)

Fried bee hoon was moist yet not overly wet/soggy. Taste great 8.5/10, Portion was good for the price as well.

Tomyum soup had only 1 pc prawn, 1 pc fish, 2 pcs squid and came sour with slight spice to it. Was good too but kind of dismay at the amount of ingredients in it. If they were slightly more generous with the ingredients or bigger portion, then I would be back for the soup but....

White rice: Doesn't need explanation uhh... but its slightly too dry

Prices are nett without gst & svc charge. I would be back for the noodles portion but the soup is not worth it in my opinion

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After trying, we totally agreed that they should be.
We picked a few of the classic Thai dishes to see how they fared. Started with their Tom Yum soup and we were already sold. It was just how it should be, authentic and packed the punch in spiciness and sourness. Prawn cakes were also done beautifully.
One distinctive point about their menu is that there’s no pork and lard, simply b’cos they wish to reach out to a wider audience. So we had their basil beef rice instead of pork, and it was still good. They encouraged that we try their sun-dried beef next time, one of their new creations on their menu.
First impression of Nagara Thai may remind one of another familiar famous Thai joint in SG. But we felt there’s no necessity to compare, as their dishes were good and tasty in their own, the way Thai food should be.
Despite the numerous Thai food places that already exist in TPY, their strategic location (just next to MRT exit, formerly Yellow Submarine) will definitely be an edge. With only 3 days to their opening, we believe this place will soon find themselves a crowd. Good thing is that they have a second level for more tables.
So this is definitely good news for fans of good and value-for-money Thai food in TPY; though not so for the other Thai food places.


had the phad thai($6), kai lan with mushrooms ($6), prawns w curry powder ($12) and shared 2 plates of rice among 3 of us. was pretty satisfying :')
phad thai is not oily and noodles were boing boing which i really enjoyed!
there were 5 rather big pieces of prawns but hmmm 12 bucks for 5 prawns... tasted pretty good tho!

they were busy prepping for many delivery orders but we didnt have to wait too long for our dishes, and more dishes that we dabao-ed home for the rest of the family! they also seem to be pretty popular as the seats were quickly filled at dinnertime

Are you a steamed fish lover? I am definitely one! Always enjoy the simple but delicious dish. Steaming is a great cooking method to bring out flavours from the fresh fish.
Featuring the Steamed Fish with Chilli and Lime from @nagarathai
The fish was fresh and the meat will tender and flaky. Coupled with lime and chilli, it gives a refreshing flavour with hints of spiciness. Perfect to go with plain rice.
Nagara Thai
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