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From the Burpple community

Smoked salmon in a bahnmi? What might have been a bagel copycat had the right amounts of Vietnamese flavors (check out those pickles and coriander), and the tofu just added the right touch of texture. Random ordered this to eat in a hurry but will definitely get this again!

Had the chicken pho which came with a side and drink.

After renovation, this outlet is even more automated and efficient than before, so waiting in line or for food is reduced to the minimum. At $10.90 including service and tax, the set lunch is a steal. It’s not great phở, but good enough lah!


Always love pho ever since I had an unPHOgettable time at Vietnam few years back. This pho portion might be a little small but their broth is really tasty & flavourful. Rice noodles is cooked to perfection and beef is thinly sliced (plus served slightly raw). Although they have really good pho, please do not try their hot lotus tea cause it tasted just like fresh out of the hay.... have no idea why is it like this but all I can say I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

A very refreshing banh mi which is suitable for a light dinner. The ice vietnamese coffee with condensed milk ($4.5) is nice too!


Having Banh Mi outside their breakfast promo time and 2 sets of Banh Mi (1 vegetarian & 1 pork belly) cost $8.90 each. Delicious vegetarian choice as always (egg & tofu go well together). Pork belly is also yummy with crunchy baguette. Pity there is no lunch set during weekend. To enjoy their offer to the max, suggest to go weekday morning...👌💡😇
The highlight has to be alkaline water with PH 8.0 Absolutely amazing that they pay attention to environment! 👍💚