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From the Burpple community

Perfect as a sweet ending for two, this S$9.90 dessert was pretty amazing the moment I tried to scoop some ice cream up with the spoon, because it was actually quite sticky (texture a bit comparable with Sticky Chewy Chocolate). But what was really enjoyable about this dessert was what could be found at the bottom of the “coconut husk”: sticky rice, beans and red rubies? There was like some Thai influence to this dessert, but it was refreshing and fun nonetheless.


Given my very limited encounters with Vietnamese cuisine, it was a shame to say that this was my first encounter with Bahn Mi, which loosely translated to Vietnamese baguette sandwich.

The Caramelised 5-Spice Pork Belly Bahn Mi (S$9.90) was just scrumptious despite the humble price tag. Juicy pork belly slices were pressed with raw vegetables, coriander and pâté between a sliced baguette with very crispy crust. The sounds of crunches came from both the bread as well as the vegetables, making the meal sensational amidst the ease of eating it without taking a toll on the jaw and teeth.


Hanoi style pho with Australian beef and meat balls. Tastes very similar to the pho I had in Hanoi.

Been awhile since I’ve been back here! Nam Nam introduced 2 sizes available - small and regular. Regular is the same size as it was before so I got that.

I really enjoyed Nam Nam’s pho - savory yet light broth with springy rice noodles. The beef slices were tender, but my fav would be their beef balls!

Absolutely love their vegan pho!! Have had it more than 3 times I think and I still crave it 😍 they give a lot of ingredients which makes it Super filling 👌🏻 the mock meats are delicious!! N love the soup as well. Highly recommend that you try it out!! :)


Smoked salmon in a bahnmi? What might have been a bagel copycat had the right amounts of Vietnamese flavors (check out those pickles and coriander), and the tofu just added the right touch of texture. Random ordered this to eat in a hurry but will definitely get this again!