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From the Burpple community

From Con Nam, this gorgeous Saigon Báhn Xèo was like a cross between Chinese pancake and a crepe. The pancake was thin and tasty on its own. From the options of BBQ pork slices and shrimps, lemongrass chicken, grilled seafood; we chose the first which was yummy and definitely a good match for the pancake.
On the other hand, our pick of their prawn noodles from Nam Nam turned out different from what we imagined it to be. Being reminded that this was a Vietnamese dish, its broth wasn’t the Chinese prawn broth that we initially thought to be. It was more of the usual Pho kinda broth topped with a big prawn. Overall still pretty flavourful although off track from our expectations.
Con Nam, Nam Nam or both; the idea of being able cross-order from both was a good one.

Broth was average and thought it had a 'cloudy' taste which i suspect it is cause the cooked the beef in the same broth..

Didn’t taste as good as I rem but still a good morning deal at around 9$ w an iced coffee

$10.90 for this set lunch. Noodles + rice rolls + drink. Pretty worth it considering the rolls cost $6 a la carte

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Not the local style with rich broth but this also tasted of the prawn in its thicker gravy. Served with thick beehoon and pork belly, fish cakes and bean sprouts, it was tasty in a slightly Vietnamese healthier way.

$7.5 ala carte
A very solid bahn mi. Stuffed with a generous ammount of carrot and cucumber pickles and fresh cilantro, the juicy pork belly shines through but isn't greasy. The pork liver pate and sweet-sour sauce complete a very good rendition. Good value at 7.50, great value for breakfast at 6.90 with a free drink!

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