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From the Burpple community

Shaped to look like real fruits, these delicate desserts in Namelaka contain bits of the actual fruit within! Order the Passionfruit (RM23) for a punchy sour-yet-sweet dessert, or the Green Apple (RM19), which Burppler Calie Tang declares as her favourite. Not shaped like a fruit, but also yummy is the Yuzu (RM23), which Burppler Rachel Yong says is perfect for those who don't have much of a sweet tooth – expect hints of sourness! The creative team also make more traditional desserts like pancakes and burnt cheesecake.
Photo by Burppler Rachel Yong

Passion Fruit Dessert • This one caught our attention ! If you dig that sour yet sweet punch on your palate, try this crazy rich passion fruit dessert that will certainly make you feel its goodness from miles away just like Drake 🤪

Sweet Pleasure • Fancy a subtle way to hint your partner how they make you feel ? 😏 a good mix of crunchiness yet rich in chocolate flavor, right in its element !

Yuzu Dessert • Perfect for someone like me who doesn’t like their dessert too sweet and you wouldn’t have guessed how soft the texture is until you cut into it.

Molded and textured like a cumulus cloud, the Yuzu dessert had a fragile Vanilla Sponge and Yoghurt mousse that was soft to break off. Fusing well with a flavorful Yuzu curd in its core. I adore this little cute dessert so much as it tantalise my taste buds well with such simple flavors it had. -9/10 (RM 19)
The second dessert is not a real pear unfortunately, deceiving as it is, the fresh Pear pieces and Pear Gel are filled in the core. Its hardened chocolate membrane was tough to breakthrough, but it had a softer blend of White Chocolate filling and Pear Ganache Montee. The pear had a subtle nutty flavor on its filling alone, followed by a refreshing taste of pear if they are eaten together. As much as I love pears and how unique the combination was, it wasn't too exotic. -6/10 (RM 21)
Read as Na-me-la-ka meaning “creamy and smooth” in Japanese. With its new wave of crafted desserts starting from their "fruit series", in forms such as the pear earlier on and others including apples, lemons and more, this ultra modern and fine minimalist interior sets up the perfect cozy retreat for city slickers and contemporary tea time.

Aside from their usual fruit inspired dessert series, they also have other artisan molded desserts! The Yuzu had soft Vanilla Sponge and Yoghurt mousse, fusing well with the flavorful Yuzu curd in its core. I adore this little cute dessert as it tantalized my taste buds so much with such simple flavors it had. (RM 19)