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Finally a Wednesday this semester where I don't have to rush around feeling all over the place. #aglioolio #pasta

必須紀念一下這學期第一次可以在行程排滿 (9.30am - 9pm) 的週三,找個舒適的角落坐下來慢慢享用午餐😍

☺️ Here's a Gyudon disguised as Hawaiian Yakiniku Beef Poke Bowl 🙈🤣 Pretty decent for a $4.90 beef bowl in school ~ #牛丼 #gyudon


Though @after7bakery has officially bid farewell from Canteen 13 at @ntu_sg on 17th Oct, fret not! It will be relocating to Kensington Square mall thereafter! Though the previous location would be much more convenient for me as an NTU student, I wouldn’t mind giving these freshly home-baked cakes another try, given its pocket friendly pricing that comes with a decent quality as well! ✨ The Yuzu Sakura cheesecake comes with a crisp and crumbly digestive biscuit base, along with a middle layer of yuzu infused cheesecake that was soft and slightly creamy. Topped off with Sakura jelly that came with a subtle floral fragrance, the characteristic citrusy flavour of the yuzu cheesecake would have been better if it was more distinct. Nevertheless, it was still pretty enjoyable with a tangy, refreshing note, along with a smooth, slightly creamy mouthfeel that wasn’t too overwhelming. A pity the texture seems a little too soft and fragile that it falls apart easily (swipe to view) and it would have been great if it was firmer and more chilled! On the other hand, the matcha cotton cheesecake is made using Kazumi matcha powder, a higher grade matcha powder which accounted for the presence of an earthy flavour, one that’s distinct albeit subtle, along with mild lingering bitter undertone. Texture was soft, spongy albeit a little dry for my liking. Nevertheless, no complains given the affordable, pocket-friendly pricing! 💛 On a side note, I certainly do hope that the prices would stay the same after the relocation! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 .
#burpple #after7bakery #sgfoodie

Mala Fragrant Pot 😍 The scary thing is not that I've overordered but rather, overordering yet managed to finished the entire bowl of goodness😋 南大最好吃的麻辣香鍋在此😍

Finally tried the chessy chicken cutlet from Can 13 after several recommendations from friends~ 6 bucks for such a huge portion is really quite worth it!!

💞 Had my mala craving satisfied during my break between two 3hr seminars 😋
#麻辣 #麻辣香锅