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Nasi Coco, formerly known as THRIVE KITCHEN, is a humble little eatery in the Western part of Singapore offering a new culinary experience that features a delicious mix of flavors of Singaporean and Japanese cuisine; serving the all-time favorite Nasi Lemak with tempura, as well as a good selection of giant chicken wings, soba, pasta and local delights.

1 West Coast Drive
#01-73 NeWest
Singapore 128020

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm



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Nasi Coco Supreme ($9.90 Nett) Mixed Tempura of seasonal veg, luncheon meat, prawn, chicken and lava egg served with coconut rice, ikan bilis, peanuts, sambal chili, cucumber and drizzled with their house TEN sauce.
Location: @nasicocosg 1 West Coast Drive, #01-73, NeWest, Singapore 128020
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Riding on @burpple's exclusive promotion at @nasicocosg of 1-for-1 Nasi Coco Supreme, this Tendon Nasi Lemak is checked off my food wishlist with so much satisfaction! A novel concept of combining tempura with a local dish. Humongous is the word to describe its portion, especially the fragrant steamed coconut rice. I liked the light batter of the tempura, as it doesn't overpower the original taste of the ingredients that includes a lava egg which I thought that the yolk could have been a little more oozy, 2 prawns, luncheon meat, a juicy piece of chicken and seasonal vegetables such as long bean, lotus root (surprisingly it's crunchiness was retained!), pumpkin, egg plant, mushroom, lady's finger and seaweed. Served with their special house TEN sauce, which had a light citrusy flavor over the salty soya sauce, and complemented with the tempura. But of course, what's a Nasi Lemak without crispy ikan billis, peanuts, cucumber and sambal chili. For someone who has a pretty low threshold for chili, I actually got addicted to this sweet spicy sambal chili! Fiery but shiok. Definitely worth the price for it could feed 2, but can be a lil hard to locate the place!

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I have to agree that this place is not easy to reach, you are either stay nearby, driving, taxi or taking bus. This place was hidden inside the building so make you way in and search. NeWest at the moment was really quiet as most shops are still close.

But come the foods here, it definitely worth making your trip down. It was a wonderful meal for me with their Nasi Coco Supreme that comes with so many things. $9.90

This demented rollercoaster of jelat joy has a very, very steep ascent, and once the drop commences you would wish more people had come along for the ride so that you would feel less terrified by what happens next. 3.3/5

Visited this place as we found it featured in the promotions section of the app. The place was not easy to find as it was situated inside a new shop house area on West Coast Drive.

But I'm glad we went to try this! The food was tasty and refreshing as they attempt to reinvent the legendary Nasi Lemak. Served with vegetable, prawn and egg tempura surrounding the very fragrant coconut rice. Request for the coco mayo sauce as it is imho the best sauce there to go with their tempura. The sambal packs a serious punch; a must try for chilli lovers I would say.

Kudos for offering something fresh that is actually good! 😋

Served with ten sauce, sambal mayo and coco mayo, these chicken wings are deep fried to a crisp golden brown exterior, with an interior of tender, succulent meat within (swipe to view). I personally prefer pairing these wings with sambal mayo among all the sauces, for an addition of spice! Though exterior is crisp and the meat is tender, I would personally prefer if there’s an incorporation of har jeong kai (prawn paste) for a more flavourful and fragrant profile. Nevertheless, thanks @nasicocosg for this complimentary sidekick! 💕 .
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The tempura batter was crisp, with a dense and compact interior of savoury luncheon meat and sweet potato sticks, this was a really additive appetizer that me and my dining partner couldn’t stop singing praises for (and laying our hands on)! ✨ Though I would have personally preferred for the sauce to be served separately (to prevent sogginess to the crisp batter), the sambal and coco mayo was creamy, flavourful and fragrant! The latter had a subtle lingering coconut fragrance that provided a dimension of flavours to a typical creamy and rich mayonnaise. On the other hand, the sambal mayo had a mild tinge of spiciness, a more savoury note in contrast to the coco mayo. Though the additional of poached egg might seem a little redundant here, I do adore the fact that it comes with a fragile, runny yolk that could also act as a dipping sauce for the “fries” 😉. Savoury luncheon meat and naturally sweetened sweet potato - a harmonious combination of sweet and savoury indeed 👍🏻 .
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Tendon? Why not both?!😉 With a creative and unique fusion of Local and Japanese cuisine, the folks at @nasicocosg (also under the same brand as @goodchancepopiah and @hawkermansg), it was certainly both a supreme feast for the sight and sense with the generous and fulfilling portion! ✨ With your choice of ten sauce or yuzu sauce, each plate comprises of a wide variety of tempura battered elements ranging from assorted vegetables (shiitake mushrooms, ladyfingers, eggplant, lotus roots, long beans) to luncheon meat, chicken, prawns and a lava egg as well! 💕All these tendon components are adorned with a golden brown tempura batter that was done to an ideal crisp perfection, with a delightful crunch to the bite. My favourite components would be the luncheon meat that had a pleasant tinge of savoury saltiness as well as the shiitake mushroom that retained its juiciness coupled with a characteristic earthy note. Along with the essential Nasi lemak elements- peanuts, Ikan bilis, cucumber slices and the main highlight (for me) - sambal chilli, the coconut rice was fluffy and really fragrant, garnished with tempura sprinkles for an additional crunch, it was already great in silo without the need for any other condiments. On the other hand, the ten sauce had a tangy, smoky flavour which resembled a tonkatsu sauce thats usually used for pairing with deep fried cutlet in Japanese cuisine. Not quite a fan of it as I personally find it didn’t blend it well with the Nasi lemak/tendon but the yuzu sauce provided a citrusy flavour with a refreshing note, a good counterbalance to the other sinful and heavy elements. The sambal chilli has a distinct and lingering spiciness that was not too overwhelming (at least so for me) with a subtle umami fragrance from the hae-bi (fried shrimps) incorporated within. A great companion to the soft, fluffy and fragrant coconut rice indeed! 👍🏻 .
[PS: There’s a 1-for-1 ongoing promotion for this dish from now till 28 Feb. Even without this promotion, it was still really worth it, given the generous portion that could have easily feed 2 (ladies)] .
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The nasi lemak aspects: fluffy coconut rice (check), sweet chilli (check), ikan bilis and peanuts (check). The nasi lemak aspects were done well, and based on that I was already convinced it was going to be a solid lunch. But wait, throw in crispy battered tempura (and can you also spy the tempura ramen egg) it made this a crazy satisfying meal. This checks off nasi lemak and tempura cravings at the same time! The ingredients were really generous, with prawns, chicken and an assortment of different vegetables! I was very impressed that the tempura was fried on the spot, hence it wasn’t soggy and neither did it have an oily aftertaste. The dipping sauce that came with the meal was slightly tangy and refreshing, and really complimented the other heavier components of the dish.

With the 1 for 1 it makes this a super worthy deal!! Even so, I would still pay full price to come back for another round of this.

Interesting twist to my fav nasi lemak but the tempura can get too overwhelming after a while. Enjoyed the chilli and rice though. If there was a way to ‘tone down’ on the fried tempura portion (okay contradictory since it’s meant to be tempura Nasi lemak I know).. but thumbs up for presentation and innovation for sure! I got the one for one with burpple app though so it’s kinda worth it for now!

Their take on pasta carbonara using coconut cream and luncheon meat, this is no less sinful than the original, and in fact a lot richer on the palate! It’s delicious with lots of that accompanying sambal stirred in, but it’s best to share this with a friend, lest it gets too jelat.

There’s nothing tempura-like about these wings but that shouldn’t discount us from the fact that these are very tasty, well-fried wings. Choose the sambal mayo as the accompanying sauce - it’s the tastiest!

The signature here sees fluffy coconut rice topped with the full works of tempura items - think luncheon meat, seasonal veggies and more - along with their killer sambal and ikan bilis. This tastes like a really good plate of nasi lemak, less so a tendon nasi lemak.

Tempura Chicken Wings comes with the choice of four sauces – TEN sauce, coco mayo, sambal mayo, and sambal chili.

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From Nasi Coco at NeWest — the new Tendon X Nasi Lemak concept takes the spot of now-defunct Thrive Kitchen, serving up dishes that focuses on the use of coconut.

Almost essentially the full works of the menu here, the Nasi Coco Supreme comes with Tempura pieces such as seasonal vegetables, chicken, prawn and even luncheon meat, while coming with an option of either lava egg or sous-vide egg. Tempura items were crisp, though the batter felt that it could have been lighter — the Nasi Lemak comes pretty fluffy and aromatic, carrying an evident hint of coconut-y fragrance while the sambal packs a punch being fiery yet sweet. Ikan bills were also pretty crisp as well. A pretty interesting take on Tendon and Nasi Lemak — quite substantial at $9.90.

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