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From the Burpple community

Happy to know that the 1st home grown, NASAA certified organic liquid soaps, the Blessed SoapsTM, are launched by Singapore’s Health Pioneer, @NaturesGlorySG!
Expect safe & organic ingredients like Organic Aloe Leaf Juice & Organic Shea Butter to pamper the skin, along with Organic, Food Grade Coconut, Olive & Sunflower Oils to give our skin a quick, gentle & effective cleaning without blocking pores for maximum nutrient absorption (2.5x more!) every time we shower!
Psst!! We can use it from head to toe, & it’s even safe for pets! No problem at all when I mix them with my clay powder for masking either 😊 Swipe next for the list of ingredients, so safe even the peppermint version is food grade ❤️
Refresh, Relax & Recharge yourself with 5 variants:
(1) Baby Love Unscented – for babies, children and those with sensitive skin or allergies
(2) Citrus Joy for refreshing, uplifting, purifying and invigorating
(3) Lavender Peace for calming, relaxing and soothing 💜
(4) Peppermint Patience for cooling the body and mind ✨
(5) Tea Tree Kindness for those with skin problems
These liquid soaps come in 12oz (355ml) @$15, 32oz (946ml) @$30.80 and 1 gallon (3776ml) @$105.
Made in USA. Product of Singapore.
Available at @NaturesGlorySG and its online website,, selected @FairPriceSG Finest and Extra outlets, selected @WatsonsSG and health food stores.

The unique combination of friendly Probiotics and Prebiotics consists of pearl barley helps breakdown harmful toxins and improves intestinal system. Unlike laxatives, only minimal abdominal pain is experienced depending on individuals because probiotics is gentle to our body. Most importantly, this is organic and product of Japan!
I go to @naturesglorysg for my organic supplies. And this is just in time for my beach vacay in 1-2 weeks' time!
#naturesglorysingapore #flattummy

From left to right:
Aloe Vera Concentrate ($28, 1 Litre) helps in the gastro-intestinal functions, improves intestinal disorders such as colitis, constipation, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, piles and systemic Candida!
Plum Balls ($16.30, 150 balls) - aid in digestive systems and boost immunity, and improve liver functions. It also promotes vitality and retards aging!
Chia Seeds ($13.80, 250g) good for high blood pressure and cardiovascular health, improve digestion, and have an ability to stabilize blood sugar level.
Manuka Honey ($28, 350g) help in ailments including wounds, ulcers of the skin, leg and stomach, cold sores, sore throat, gum diseases, diarrhoea, eye infection, hemorrhoids, stomach health and others!

All thanks to @naturesglorysg I can get to enjoy all these detoxing drinks. - Concentrated Aloe Vera
- Manuka Honey
- Chia Seeds
- Plum Balls

Mix and match to find your perfect combination!
Thank you @fatwithin and @naturesglorysg

Organic, with no added sugar, the soy milk doesn't have the typical 'grassy' taste and is so silky smooth. Finished my whole carton already!!! Thanks @naturesglorysingapore for feeding me with such lovely treats and @fatwithin for the sharing the love ❤️

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Even at this hour, im having tumeric latte.
Organic. Soothing for the mind.
Sometimes the day get so busy and tough,
that u need a moment to rest your brain.

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